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Its My Birthday

Day 97:  Thailand & ? Today is my Birthday!  I am 29 today and I was up a 3am this morning.  Well, actually…

12 May 2017

See you Later

Day 96: Thailand Today is my last day on Koh Phi Phi.  I leave this afternoon.  I’m sad to go, but I am excited…

11 May 2017

A Bucket of Ducks

Day 95:  Thailand I got up early this morning and as per usual I am running late.  It is kind of hysterical how…

10 May 2017

Authenticity is Magnetic

Day 94:  Thailand Tomorrow I’m meeting Brian on Koh Phi Phi.  So, we spent most of the morning planning our trip to the island. …

9 May 2017

Setting Intentions

Day 93: Thailand The rain was falling again this morning.  Mary and I were sending Marco Polo videos back and forth.  She couldn't believe…

8 May 2017

Learning from Strangers

Day 92: Thailand The rain came down most of the day, pounding against the tin roof.  The sound is kind of relaxing.  I stayed…

7 May 2017

Me Time is a Necessity

Day 91: Thailand I spent most of my day writing.  It has become a new passion of mine.  I can’t wait to share my…

6 May 2017

Life is a Daring Adventure

Day 90:  Thailand I got up early this morning and headed to the airport sans Brian.  When I arrived, I had to wait an…

5 May 2017

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Food is something that brings the world together. Each culture has its own traditions and favorite foods. As a self proclaimed foodie, I was so excited to try cuisines in the countries they originated in. During my travels, I have discovered and will undoubtedly continue to discover culinary treasures around the globe. I am honored to share with you, My Elephant Tribe, the amazing meals I have enjoyed throughout the world.

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