90s Flashback

Day 69:  Japan 

Jet Lag is real, my friends.  I have never experienced it, but this morning it hit me hard.  Falling asleep last night before 8pm meant I was up at 4am this morning and wide awake. Falling back asleep was not in the cards so we started our morning early.  We went to Harajuku in search of some of the best fluffy Japanese pancakes.  Its crazy how fluffy they were.  Japanese pancakes are my new favorite.

After our delicious pancakes we went to check out Harajuku and its cute boutique shops.  When I think of Harajuku, I think of Gwen Stefani.  Which is perfect because we kept seeing 90s boy band hats in all of the boutiques.  I was able to snap this picture of Brian. pretending to be a member of Backstreet Boys.   

On our way to lunch we heard what sounded like a gang of go karts.  When we turned around we saw a team of go karts with drivers dressed in Super Mario costumes.  I laughed internally and thought about how much fun it must be to dress up and drive a go kart around Tokyo.  We finally made it to our lunch location.  We decided to have ramen for lunch.  Oh, how I love ramen.  We went to Ichiran because if you want ramen in Japan, you go to Ichiran.  It was so good.  


To end the day we decided to check out Tokyo Tower for real.  The views were pretty incredible.  I would highly recommend checking it out if you are ever in Tokyo.  I thought the only Eiffel Tower replica was in Las Vegas.  Clearly, I was mistaken because the Tokyo Tower is more than a replica.  

At the top of the tower there is a little cafe.  We learned that soft serve ice cream is a thing in Japan.  So much for taking it easy on the ice cream front for awhile.  My ice cream fate was sealed when I saw matcha ice cream.  Those that know me well, know I cannot resist matcha anything.  I LOVE matcha!  

By the time we finished at the Tokyo Tower we were exhausted from being up at 4am.  We took a bus to Shibuya station, from there we were supposed to be able to walk back to our apartment in 10 minutes.  I’m not sure if it was the exhaustion or the construction, but we literally walked in circles for almost an hour before we figured out where we were going.  Even Google Maps failed us.  By the time we got back I was so tired I felt like I melted into my bed.

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