For God So Loved the World that He Gave His Only Son

Day 71:  Japan

Happy Easter!  Easter has always been my favorite holiday, but not for the obvious reason.  It is true that I grew up and used to identify as a Catholic.  So, I grew up knowing the story of the resurrection.  I even starred in my church's Passion play in high school.  I have always loved the colors and cute little animals that represent Easter.  However, for me Easter represents one of the purest forms of love.  The fact that one man was willing to die for everyone else is true love.  While I no longer identify as Catholic, it isn’t the foundational beliefs that I don’t agree with.  It is the fact that I find the Catholic Church to be rooted in hypocrisy.  They preach love, but they don't practice it.  Love will save the world.  I love, love and it is the foundation of my being and for me Easter is a true representation of the love that will save the world.  

To celebrate we started our day by standing in line for what were supposed to be the best dumplings in Tokyo.  They were good, but not worth the hour line we had to stand in to get them.  Afterwards, we headed over to Shinjuku Gyoen to see more cherry blossoms.  This park was absolutely stunning.  There were so many cherry blossoms.  It was so peaceful and beautiful.  

While leaving the park we saw a man dressed as a Samurai.  I immediately thought of Preston and I had to send him a Marco Polo video.  I can't wait to show him all of my pictures, he will love them.

On our way to the park we walked past a place called Cinnamoroll.  We  decided to grab a cinnamon roll as a snack before heading to the Sky Tree.  I was a little disappointed to learn that Cinnamoroll is a character like Hello Kitty, they don't actually serve cinnamon rolls.  We ended up sharing a dessert that was yummy, but not as good as a cinnamon roll would have been.

After our disappointing trip to Cinnamoroll, we headed to the Tokyo Sky Tree to check out more views of this amazing city.  When we got there, the views made up for the fact that I did not get to have a cinnamon roll earlier.  I am a sucker for amazing city views.  Especially at night with all the buildings lit up.  This was definitely both of those, an amazing night time view with a the sky lit up from all of the buildings. 

We went in search of sushi before we headed back to our apartment on the other side of town.  We ended up at this local shop.  One of the waiters spoke English which was great.  Besides the owners, chef, waiter and us there was only one other person in there.  The sushi was amazing.  We had a really nice conversation with the waiter.    

When we finished our dinner, we headed for the train back to Shibuya. I noticed Women only trains, I also noticed this in Rio.  I really don't understand why women need there own train cars.  I am chalking this up to cultural differences.  However, that doesn’t stop my brain from working overtime to analyze.

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