Finding Tranquility in the Chaos

Day 75:  Japan

For lunch today we decided on Japanese curry.  Unfortunately (but also fortunately), we chose an Indian curry restaurant called Curry & Naan.  It tasted so good.  It has been too long since I ate Indian food.  Sushi and Indian food for the rest of my life would make me a happy girl. 

Going to see the Great Buddha today was definitely a highlight of my time in Tokyo.  It was like the Buddhist version of Christ the Redeemer.  I felt drawn to it.  It emulated peace and tranquility even in the chaos that surrounded it.

When we left we spotted a little spot with matcha ice cream and I couldn’t resist.  While eating our ice cream we we decide to go in search of Ōfuna Kannon, the statue on the hill.  When we found it, I was not thrilled to learn that was at the top of a steep hill.  However, like every other challenge, I made it to the top without issue.  It wasn’t easy, but once I made it to the top I didn't even remember the pain or shortness of breath it took to make it there.  It was equally beautiful.  The beauty of the stark white statue with pink cherry blossoms surrounding it was absolutely stunning.  


We decided to head back to Ichiran for dinner.  Afterwards we went for a walk around Harajuku and happened upon a Psycho Bunny store.  Which made me think of one of my coaches and friends, Eric.  Some of the guiding thoughts I have are from him.  The biggest one being that expectation is the key to disappointment. I have learned that when I am truly present and do not create exceptions I am the most happy.  It was Eric’s guidance that is in part is why I'm am currently on this journey.  For that I will be forever grateful to him.

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