Pocky Stick Heaven

Day 78:  Japan

When we let this afternoon we were starving.  The closest thing to our apartment ended up being a Thai food restaurant.  While it was different than any other Thai food I had ever had before it was pretty good.

After our lunch we headed to Osaka Castle.  We walked from the train station following the crowds to the castle.  It was like nothing I had ever seen before.  It was 8 stories of traditional Japanese architecture.  I was even more surprised by the story of the castle.  The man who it belonged to was essentially the head of the Japanese mafia and ran much of the country.  He built the castle as a way to show off to others.

We walked through the park for awhile, but when I saw a monkey on a leash being forced to do tricks, I had enough and we headed to Tsutenkaku to see the views of Osaka.  When we arrived I was in Pocky heaven.  They have a gift shop that sells every single kind of Pocky stick you can imagine.  I love Pocky sticks and had to buy the matcha ones, of course.  I am excited try them.  

When we left Pocky Stick heaven, we headed to Dotonbori to take it in the people and the lights.

We saw a Starbucks and went in search of the Unicorn frappuccinos that everyone has been talking about.  Sadly, they are a US only thing and the people behind the counter thought we were insane.

We settled for some curry at this place that smelled bomb.  It tasted equally amazing and we decided we would come back before we leave Osaka.  After dinner we went in search of dessert and settled on some fresh made mini donuts made right in front of us.

All in all today was an amazing day.

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