Life is Inconvenient

Day 82:  Japan 

Brian left at 5am this morning.  Even though we are headed to the same place, we are on two different flights.  It took me awhile to decided that Thailand was my next destination, so I booked my tickets much later than he did and by that time his flight was full.

While packing, I was dreading having to lug all of my stuff by myself through the city and on multiple trains to get to the airport.  Before heading to the train I needed to stop at an ATM.  I walked to the first location where there was supposed to be an ATM, but it was out of order so I had to find a new location which was about a quarter mile from the first location.  By the time I got on my first train my body ached from carrying all of my stuff.  I’m not really sure how backpackers do it or the contestants on The Amazing Race.  I can barely walk, let alone run with all my gear.

When I arrived at the airport, I couldn't find Peach airlines.  I was informed that it was a bus ride away in another building.  I feel light Peach Airlines is that person nobody likes, but they have to tolerate them so they put them in a hidden corner or off in their own shitty building a 10 minute bus ride away with no amenities.  They really need to get it together because it is super inconvenient for their passengers.

When I finally figured our where I was supposed to be, I was told that 2.5 hours early was too early to check in and that I had to wait another hour before I could check in to my flight.  Once I was finally able to check in, I got rid of my bags and headed to my first flight of this journey, Okinawa.  

The flight was pretty uneventful.  The excitement came when I went to baggage claim.  No conveyer belts, not luggage carts, just a door and a person throwing luggage into a large room from a manual cart outside.  I felt like I was in the twilight zone.  However, I quickly realized that, that was nothing.  The airport, or at least the terminal, was merely a warehouse with some benches and a coffee bar.  I was starving and there was no food.  

I waited 3 hours before I was able to check into my flight to Bangkok.  My flight was overnight and I have come to realized that I absolutely loathe overnight flights. 

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