Spa Day

Day 86:  Thailand

Today is one of the greatest days.  We booked our elephant sanctuary tour.  After a lot of research we settled on Elephant Jungle Sanctuary.  They are one of the most humane sanctuaries in Thailand and are anti-riding. I am beyond excited to play with elephants.

It is beyond hot today.  We decided to call today Spa Day and found an amazing spa to spend the day at.  We got 4 hours of spa treatments for about $60 US.  I received a full body scrub, head and shoulder massage, Thai massage and a foot massage.  It was pure bliss and I was  left feeling so relaxed.  My body felt like jello, but in the best way possible.  I need that level of relaxation.  It really helped my body heal from all of the illnesses it has endured the last few months. 

After our luxurious spa retreat we headed to Long Ma Du for dinner.  I ordered sautéed noodles.  They were so bland that they were almost inedible.   When we finished dinner I was ready for bed. The spa was so relaxing that I really just wanted to hop in my rock hard bed and go to sleep.

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