Playing With Elephants

Day 88:  Thailand 

We started the day by getting breakfast at the hotel across the street from us.  I was disappointed by the bacon.  It is nothing like American bacon and it was not very good.  But, I was too excited to really care because today is elephant day.

We were elated to find out that the others on our tour were similar in age to us.  All of our previous tours were filled with older people that we couldn’t quite relate to.  One person stood out and I knew from the moment we met that we would be friends.  Natalia is from Poland, but she is living and working in Dublin.  She was kind enough to give me some recommendations for my upcoming trip to Poland and offered to show us around Dublin. 

Meeting new people is always an adventure.  You never know what you're going to get, but it is always an experience.  Sometimes you meet great people that become good friends and sometimes you meet people that become friends for the day.  Rarely do you meet people that make your time less enjoyable.  

We arrived at the elephant sanctuary and I felt like a kid in a candy store again. Our guides told us the history of the elephants and explained what we would be doing through out the day.  Afterwards, we got to meet the elephants.  I got to HUG an elephant.  Surprisingly, their skin is super prickly.  They have tiny coarse hairs that stick out like baby needles.  I didn't mind though.  I felt at home.  

I didn't feel at home in the mud bath.  I could not get over the feeling of the mud between my toes.  I only made it about 2 feet into the mud bath before I had to turn around and get out.  There are certain things I just cannot do, I guess.  I was glad when we were finished in the mud bath and headed to the river to clean off.  Swimming in the river with the elephants was amazing.  Getting to experience two of my favorite things at once was indescribable.  I was sad when the day had come to an end and we had to leave the sanctuary. 

I highly recommend Elephant Jungle Sanctuary.  Playing and working with elephants in Thailand is a must.  There are hundred of different organizations.  When selecting one, please make sure they are humane and anti-riding.  

After our amazing elephant adventure, we headed to the Chiang Mai Night Market.  I ended up buying these cute pants for my friend, Krisite.  We also had some amazing Pad Thai from a street vendor and ended the evening with some ice cream.

I am still not feeling well, so I decided to go to bed early while Brian went out with Natalia and a few other people. 

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