Me Time is a Necessity

Day 91: Thailand

I spent most of my day writing.  It has become a new passion of mine.  I can’t wait to share my writings with the world.  I love being able to share my life with others, in hopes that it inspires people to start living a life they are proud of.  I am so proud of where I am at and how I got here. 

At some point, I realized I was hungry and hadn’t eaten all day.  I was so engrossed in my writing that I forgotten to eat.  Its not the first time.  I forget to eat all the time.  Its kind of a problem.  However, today was different because I’m in Thailand and I LOVE Thai food.  So, I found the best restaurant in Old Town and walked there.  Its called Raya and their red curry is out of this world.  How can I take it back with me to the US? I could eat it everyday it tastes so good.  I think it may be the best food I’ve had since I arrived in Thailand.  Even better than the green curry fried rice I had in Chiang Mai.  Which was pretty bomb! 

After one of the most amazing meals I have ever eaten, I decided to wander around Old Town.  I found this cute little artist/creative hub called Limelight.  There was street art on the wall and the business were either art related or spiritual centers like yoga studios and holistic shops.  It had all hallmarks of a place I could see myself going to on a regular basis. 

More wandering led me to the heart of Old Town.  There were beautiful flowers everywhere, vines draping down colonial buildings creating a sight that I truly enjoyed and was grateful to witness.  There were so many people and cute little shops and bars. 

Early on I decided that I was going to use most of my time in Phuket to unwind and refocus.  So, even though the bars looked like places I would enjoy, especially the Cards Against Humanity bar, I decided to pass and focus on what is truly important in this moment.  Right now, that is my blog and my writing. 

Its okay to take time to yourself.  I’ve spent the last 4 months traveling with my brother with very little ‘me’ time.  So, just relaxing and being alone with my writing has been exactly what I’ve needed.

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