Learning from Strangers

Day 92: Thailand

The rain came down most of the day, pounding against the tin roof.  The sound is kind of relaxing.  I stayed in today and wrote most of the day with the soothing sound of the rain.  I got lost in the pages of my writing.  Some of the writing is for myself, some of it is for this blog.  Completely sharing myself on the pages of this blog has been interesting.  I have come to realize that vulnerability and authenticity are the key to creating my vision and living a life I am completely proud of.  Somedays its a challenge to be 100% vulnerable.  I won't lie.  Sharing my life on these pages can be very scary and it isn’t always easy.  What are you scared of sharing with the world?  What’s holding you back? 

When the rain finally stopped, I went in search of pad thai.  I found a rather nice restaurant called Dibuka.  It looked like a restaurant you might find in the US.  I chose it because it was supposed to have really good pad thai and that is what I was in the mood for, good pad thai and a good book.

I decided to try the chicken satay as an appetizer to my pad thai.  While I waited for my chicken satay, I started a new book.  I was having trouble getting into because it turned out to be a very religious book.  As someone who is more spiritual than religious, I was having trouble getting over the fact that, as the book told me, I was supposed to give everything over to God and all would be well in my life.  I respect religion, I believe that everyone has a right to believe in whatever deity they choose.  I think I was more turned off by the fact that the description of the book had no mention of God or religious practice.  So when I started reading it, I was a little taken aback. 

I didn't get very far anyways because my chicken satay came.  It was so cute.  It came on a little grill with peanut and coconut sauces on the side along with a celery brush.  At first, I didn't know what the coconut sauce was, so I didn't use it.  After my first bite a nice Thai stranger came up to me to demonstrate how to properly eat the satay.  You use the celery brush to coat the chicken with the coconut sauce and then you dip it in the peanut sauce.  I was so grateful that he came up and corrected what I was doing because the favor was so much better with the coconut sauce brushed on. 

Before I was able to finish the satay, my pad thai arrived.  I was excited because it was spicy pad thai and I love spicy foods.  It did not disappoint.  It was so good.  I’m starting to wonder if Thai food in the US is ever going to compare to Thai food in Thailand.  I have a sneaking suspicion that once I leave Thailand I will not taste amazing Thai food until I am back in Thailand.  That is such a sad thought.

After dinner, I wondered around Old Town and found the Sunday Market.  The streets were full of people.  Musicians and Dancers filled the streets along with vendors to entertain tourists.  It was fun watching the traditional dancers perform routine after routine even with costume changes.  I was glad I took the time to experience it.  If you are in Old Town Phuket on a Sunday, go to the Sunday Market.  You won't regret it.

After wandering around the market for awhile, I decided to walk back to my apartment.  On the way back I started thinking about the book I had started.  The truth is I do the same thing with The Universe that the book is telling me to do with God.  I am going to attempt to read the book and interchange Universe for God and see if that changes my perception.  Sometimes its okay to compromise in order to receive a message that is worthwhile.  What’s something that you have gotten to compromise in order to receive a good lesson or message? 

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