Belize Loves Chi-Town Sports

Day 2:  Belize 

This morning we woke up and packed up our stuff, ready to move on to the next location.  We checked out of the hotel and bought our ferry tickets from the lady at the desk.  I would definitely recommend The Bakadeer Inn if you are looking for something inexpensive, safe and clean in Belize City. I finished paying for our tickets and Nadie, Carlos’ wife pulled up to take us to the dock.  When we arrived she got a porter to help us with our bags and they stowed them away in the boat until we arrived at our destination.  I know you are probably wondering where we took the ferry to.  Well, we were headed to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.  It took about an hour and a half to arrive in San Pedro, but the boat went super fast.

Before we left Chicago, we booked an AirBNB in town.  The owner, Edmond, had good reviews and the place looked nice online.  He agreed to pick us up from the dock.  It was a complete culture shock at first.  He came to pick us up in a golf cart.  The first words out of my mouth were “How is this going to work?”  Meaning how were we going to fit 3 people, 2 large bags, 2 duffle bags, 2 backpacks and a yoga mat into one golf cart.  He responded with a simple, “We’ll make it work”.  Which we did.  He gave us a tour around town, all 3 (Yes, THREE) streets, Front Street, Middle Street and Back Street.  He showed us all the good, cheap places to eat and shop that didn't have jacked up tourist prices.  He then took us to his place so we could drop off our bags.  The room wasn’t quite ready, so he locked them in the room next door and said he would have them moved when the room was cleaned.  We took the opportunity to explore the city.

We started our exploration by eating lunch at the famous Elvi’s Kitchen.  We started by having the Conch fingers.  Conch is a fish found in a conch shell.  It is a popular Belizean dish.  They were delicious.  The texture was a bit chewy, but they tasted yummy.  We then had traditional rice and beans with chicken.  Belizean rice and beans are made with coconut milk so there is a light hint of coconut.  They are delicious!  If you have a chance, check out Elvi’s Kitchen.


We then walked down Middle Street and cut over to Back Street to look at the Artisan Market.  I noticed myself feeling a little skeptical over the fact that every single person made hand made crochet minions.  There were a few people that genuinely made all of their items they were selling.  I was even surprised to find an Artisan actually crafting their goods between sales.  The site brought me back to center and knocked off my jaded edge.

After leaving the Artisan Market it was imperative that we take our picture in front of the Cubs World Series Champions sign (Go Cubs!!).  It turns out that in San Pedro they love Chicago sports.  We saw a store with a Blackhawks logo, a Fireman with a Blackhawks cap and several people wearing cubs and bears apparel.  I love Chicago sports so it was interesting to see a little piece of Chicago in San Pedro, Belize.


After taking our picture we headed over to Cholo’s for a drink.  According to Edmond, they are the cheapest drinks in town and is where all the locals go.  Everyone in the bar was from San Pedro.  We were the only gringos in the place.  The drinks and service were great, I would recommend checking it out if you are looking for something authentic and not overrun with tourists. 

We then stopped at the market before heading back to the room.  I would definitely recommend stocking up on some breakfast and lunch items to cut down on food costs.  Eating every meal out can get a little pricey.  If you are in San Pedro, go to Richie’s Supermarket in the round about.  It has local prices, not tourist ones.  It also has an ATM.

When we arrived at the room, our bags had been moved as promised.  Again the room was simple, but it was cheap and suited our needs.  We cleaned up and got ready for dinner.  We went to this really chill place by the water called Fido’s.  I had the Fish N Chips which were so good! They fell apart and practically melted in your mouth.  The food and drinks paired nicely with the live music.  We left just as they were closing and the music was finishing.  We walked back to the room to catch some Z’s and get ready for the next day.


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