Flying in a Golf Cart

Day 3:  Belize 

Today we decided to sleep in.  When we woke up we got ready to go to the beach.  We walked into town to meet Edmond at his shop, Xtreme Technology.  He called some friends and found us a golf cart to rent for about $35 US for 5 hours.  I let Brian drive us out to the beach, knowing I would drive us back to town.  We drove about 30 minutes outside of town to a small beach called Secret Beach.  Secret Beach used to be where the locals would go to escape the tourists on weekends.  It slowly was overtaken by tourists and is now a popular tourist destination.  The drive out there was fun.  















When we got there we got some drinks and ate the lunch I packed for us.  Mikey at the Not So Secret Secret Beach Bar was amazing.  He makes a mean Rum Punch.  After we got our seconds we found a spot on the dock to lay out our towels.  We relaxed for a bit and then decided to hop in the water.  We walked through a school of sardines, they were this small silvery blue fish.  They swim away from you so you never touch them.  We waded in the water for awhile and then decided to get another drink and chill on the dock.  We met a nice couple from Sacramento and chatted about our trip.  We also met a couple from Chile making us consider adding Chile to our journey. 

My intention was to finish my book, but we just talked.  We talked about things we typically don't talk about.  I told Brian things that I have been thinking for awhile, but never voiced.  Being present and in the moment allowed us to reach a new place in our relationship and for that I am grateful.  

As the day was ending we packed up our stuff and headed back to town.  I have never laughed so hard in my life.  The ride back was bumpier than I remembered it being on the way up.  We literally took flight in our golf cart at one point.  When we got to the bridge we had to pull over and pay a bridge tax.  It felt unusually long for the golf cart to stop when I braked, but I figured that was just how it was.  When we got back into town I went to park and almost hit another golf cart.  Again, it wasn’t breaking very well.  When I went to turn the parking brake on it wouldn't click on.  A nice gentleman came over to help us.  I almost hit his golf cart, but he wanted to help.  He came over and pointed out that my backpack was on the gas pedal.  Brian and I laughed so hard.  I joked that he was a bad co-pilot.  We returned the golf cart and walked back to the room to clean up for dinner.  We ate at this cool place called Palapa Grill.  It was on the water and the waiter was nice.  The vibe was super chill.  They allow you to write on the tables, deck and stools.  We ordered the fish tacos which were really good.  When we stood up to leave I realized I was sitting on a stool that said Go Packers.  I think whoever wrote that was confused and meant to write Go Bears.

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