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Day 5:  Belize 

We woke up today and packed up our stuff, ready to move on to our next location.  We walked into town and ate breakfast at a local place called Boogie’s Belly.  It was cheap and delicious.  We ordered FryJacks.  They are this amazing yumminess of fried dough filled with eggs, cheese and your choice of meat, served like a taco.  It was SO good and filling.  

After breakfast we had a couple of hours to kill before our ferry, so we went back to Fido’s for some drinks (because why not?).  They make a mean Dirty Banana.  After saying goodbye to our friendly bartender we picked up our stuff and said our goodbyes to Edmond.  If your are ever in San Pedro Belize rent Edmond’s apartment, you won’t regret it.  Unless resorts are more your speed, then I would look into Belizean Shores.  We boarded our ferry and headed to Caye Caulker, The Go Slow Island.  We got some amazing advice on Caye Caulker from my friend Cookie who is a Caye Caulker expert. 

When we got off the ferry we needed to figure out whether or not we needed a taxi (aka a golf cart). The taxi driver said we did, but the nice lady at Tsunami told us that our hotel, The Caye Caulker Plaza Hotel was 2 blocks down the sand street.  Yes, sand street.  The streets in Caye Caulker are made of sand.  There are very few golf carts, no cars and mostly bicycles.  The pace of the island really is SLOW.   

Once we settled in we decided to explore the island.  Unlike San Pedro, Caye Caulker really only has a front street.  I think there’s a Middle and a Back Street, but most of the activity is happening on the Front Street.  We scoped out all the things we wanted to do and the places Cookie told us to check out.  We stopped for lunch at a place called Rose’s, which was recommended by the hotel receptionist.  I personally would not recommend it.  My shrimp was overcooked and chewy and Brian’s lobster bites were as well.

After lunch we went back to relax and rest in our room.  This room was your standard hotel like room.  Nothing super fancy, but nice, clean and cheap.  Again, I would recommend staying here, especially if you are on a budget.  We hung out in the room for awhile and took a nap (again, why not?).  For dinner we decided to try Rainbow Bar and Grill, its on the water and the setting was beautiful.  I had the lobster.  It had a lemon pepper garlic butter.  It was really yummy.  I would recommend eating here mainly because of the ambiance.  

When we were walking in I got a little sad.  Grey’s Anatomy was playing in the front area and I was thinking about all of the TV shows I would be missing.  Which is silly because I don't watch a ton of TV.  However, we sat at our table and I looked out at the water and I realized that this is so much better than any TV show.  I am actually living life, not living vicariously through a fictional character on a TV screen.  Turn off the TV once in awhile and live life.  Experience something new.  I’m not only talking about traveling.  I’m talking about trying a new restaurant or going bowling or going to a painting class.  Trying something completely new that you have been talking about for forever.  Now is the time to do it because someday might never come.

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