Treat Yo Self

Day 10:  Costa Rica 

Today is Valentine’s Day!  Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers out there.  My valentine this year is this journey, and I could not imagine a better one.  One day my person will come and I won't be able to imagine a better one than them, but now I am blessed to be married to traveling the world.  What a cooler way to live your life.  Right?  I know traveling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but everyone has something that they live for.  Another person, a child, a career they love, a sport, etc.  What/Who is your valentine this year?  Loneliness is a state of mind, you don't need another person to make you happy.  You get to be happy on your own and then your person will follow.  

Today, my valentine let me sleep in until 9 and take as long as I needed to get ready.  My valentine took me to get AMAZING street tacos (with beef!) from a little place called La Esquinita de Taco.  Then my valentine took me to buy new flip flops and to the beach to relax and have a rum and pineapple juice.  Later we’ll go for a sunset stroll on the beach and dinner on the water.  

I know what you’re thinking, “But, Katie, You did all of those things for yourself.”  And you would be right.  My point is that you don't need a person to buy you nice things and treat you special.  While sometimes that is nice.  It is most definitely not necessary.  You get to “Treat Yo Self” (Shoutout to my girl Maggie for teaching me about the amazingness that is Treat Yo Self).  So, right now I am going to treat myself to the sun, sand, water and ocean air.  

I didn’t get my sunset stroll on the beach.  Instead I got to watch the sunset while having dinner on the beach.  It was beautiful and I couldn't ask for a more beautiful day. Dinner was at this fun beach restaurant called Banana Beach.  The atmosphere was very relaxed and the food and drinks were really good.  

So remember to treat yourself to something amazing, today and everyday!

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