You are Worthy

Day 12:  Costa Rica 

We departed the Vida Adventure nature park bright and early this morning.  We could not leave fast enough.  We decided to head over to Rincón de La Vieja Volcano park to hike the trails.  We were feeling extra adventurous and decided to hike to the waterfall.  The hike was 6km to the waterfall and 6km back. The trail was intense.  Up and down, rocky and steep.  It took us 3 hours to get the waterfall.  It was beautiful and made the treacherous hike worth every minute.  We weren't supposed to, but we went swimming in the pool surrounding the waterfall.  The water was chilly, but took my mind off of the impending hike back to the car.  It was my first time swimming in a waterfall and it is an experience I will remember forever.  

When it came time to head back, I slowly put my clothes and hiking boots back on, dreading the 3 hour hike back.  I was already exhausted and my muscles were sore.  Every time we reached a steep incline I wanted to cry.  In my heart I knew I could make it back, but my head kept telling me that I couldn’t do it.  I kept pushing myself though, closer and closer to my finish line.  It wasn’t until we reached the last incline that my brain caught up with my heart.  The journey was amazing and I couldn't imagine doing it with anyone else.  Brian kept encouraging me to keep going.  He knew better than I did that I would finish.  

We finally made it back to the car, 6 hours after we began our trek.  My muscles were sore and I could barely move, but I was so proud of myself for conquering such an amazing feat.   Sometimes in life we get to push through pain and hurt in order to experience the extraordinary.

We are our own worst critics.  We beat ourselves up and make ourselves believe untruths about ourselves.  Its human nature.  We all do it, but the truth is that you are amazing, capable, powerful, worthy and all other positive adjectives.  You can do anything you want to do.  Even when you are struggling to make it up the mountain, just remember that you are worthy of seeing the view from the top just as much as anyone else.

When we left Rincón de La Vieja we headed to Arenal.  Another, more touristy volcano.  When we first arrived we drove up to what we thought was our home for the next 3 nights and had a minor freakout moment.  We pulled up to a super sketchy neighborhood and all I could think was that we were repeating the night before.  However, we quickly realized that we were in the wrong location.  After we finally found the correct location we got settled in and went to dinner at a restaurant called Las Brasitas. 

By the time we got there it was already 9pm.  I ordered a burrito and received a quesadilla.  When I explained that I had actually ordered a burrito, they insisted that what I had was in fact a burrito.  I was too tired to argue so I ate my quesadilla/burrito.  This wouldn't be my first choice in restaurant recommendations, but if you do go here, don't go at 9pm.

When we arrived back at the apartment we had trouble pulling the car back into the gated driveway.  The tires kept slipping on the gravel.  When we finally got the car up into the gated area it slipped and side swiped to cement wall.  Thank God for full coverage.  

Today was such a full day!  I was so tired that I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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