Allow your Mind to Surrender to your Heart

Day 13:  Costa Rica 

We were so exhausted from yesterday that we decided to sleep in.  When we finally woke up, we decided to go see another waterfall.  After missing our turn by several kilometers, we finally found our destination.  when we arrived we were informed that it was 500 stairs down to the waterfall and 500 stairs back up.  My muscles were still sore from yesterday's hike so I popped some Motrin and we headed down the steps. 

There were so many steps.  Going down seemed pretty easy, but when we finally arrived my leg was visibly shaking. It was the weirdest feeling I have ever experienced. However, when we finally saw the waterfall, I completely forgot about my leg.  It was beautiful. The waterfall pool was a little too dangerous to swim in, but there is a calmer pool just on the other side.  We walked through and I spotted some fish and I walked nearby as they swam around me.  Its funny because before Belize, I hated fish.  I hated how slimy they were and frankly I found them disgusting. I thought they tasted yummy, but alive, I wanted nothing do with them.  Now, I love fish.  I feel like the water is my element.  Which is something I’ve always known, but was reaffirmed. 

When we decided it was time to ascend the 500 stairs, we packed up our stuff and started the climb.  My goal was to take the stairs 100 at a time.  I made it.  I counted every single stair, but I made it.  Sheer will and determination got me up those stairs.  I hope that I can inspire at least one plus sized girl that they too can do anything they set their mind to.

On our way back we decide to stop at some hot springs.  This was my first hot spring experience.  The atmosphere at Titoku is beautiful.  The springs however were more like lukewarm baths.  I’ve been in hotter jacuzzis.  I was hoping to relax my sore muscles.  It didn’t quite do the job.


After the hot springs we went to dinner.  We had wood fire pizza at a restaurant called Anch’io.  The pizza was good and the staff was kind.  You should definitely check this restaurant out if you are in La Fortuna.   

Today was another day that will go down in the books.  Again, remember you can do anything when you allow your mind to surrender to your heart. 

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