Take Care of Yourself

Day 15:  Costa Rica 

This morning we woke up and drove to our little cabin for the night in Monteverde.  It was simple and had a log cabin feel to it.  We literally brought our bags in from the car and headed out on an adventure.  By adventure I mean we took a trip to the Herpetarium.  Have you ever been to the reptile house at a zoo?  It is nearly impossible to find any of the little creatures in their terrariums.  Brian and I played a game of can you spot the deadly Costa Rican reptiles and amphibians.  We were able to find all but 2 of them.  We were told that they were nocturnal and were invited to come back in the evening when they were out to play.


After leaving we decided to try out Taco Taco.  A little street taco place that we kept reading about in blogs.  The tacos definitely lived up to the hype.  I would argue that it was our best meal in Costa Rica thus far.


We had planned to go on a night walk through the rainforest, but we were exhausted and decided to head back to the Herpetarium to see the nocturnal frogs we missed before.  They were so small.  We couldn't find one of them and had to ask one of the guides for assistance.  She was able to easily point it out to us.  It was so tiny, it was translucent green an about the size of a chiclet.  It was so cute, but my favorite was this chubby turtle.  He was so ugly, he was adorable.  

Once we found all of the creatures we went back to our cabin and watched a movie.  Sometimes, even when traveling the world, we need to take a break and relax.  The days get long and with all of the activities we have been doing, we have been up early and to bed rather late.  So tonight, we just relaxed and we will start again tomorrow.

Remember to take some time for yourself.  You cannot fully achieve your vision if you aren’t actually experiencing it due to exhaustion.  Treat Yo Self. 

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