Sometimes you Just Need Ice Cream for Dinner

Day 17:  Costa Rica

Today was fun.  No hiking, but we did get a lot of walking in.  We went downtown and explored the National Theatre, National Park and Metropolitan Cathedral.  We started our day by heading to Barrio Amón for lunch.  It is this cute little art district.  The buildings are colonial and the walls are full of street art.  We ate at this cute little place called Alma de Amón.  It was delicious and I would highly recommend it.  I had these mini burgers that had previously won an award and they did not disappoint.


After lunch we walk around for a bit and took in the street art.  Its amazing how creative people are.  I think graffiti is fascinating.  Much of it is beautiful, and done with spray paint.  My mind cannot fathom how someone can make something so beautiful with spray paint.  I know I certainly could not do that.  But that’s the beauty of art.  I don't need to be able to do something in order to appreciate it.  So, if art is your passion, please don't ever give up on it.  I, along with tons of other people, will appreciate it until the day that I die.  Don't let anyone stand in your way if that is what makes you happy.

While the street art represents modernity and the 21st century, the National Theatre represents a rich cultural history.  Unfortunately, we missed the English tour for the day and our Spanish is not good enough to partake in the Spanish tour.  Although, I was looking forward to this, as I love the theatre (if you have not seen Hamilton, it is worth every penny), and was sad that we would not get the guided tour, I was excited to learn that we could still go inside the theatre and admire all its beauty.  Being that I am from Chicago, I have had the privilege of attending many productions at the lyric opera (shoutout to Aunt Dale, who has taken me to most of them).  If you have not been to the Lyric Opera and live in Chicago, get tickets now and go, the theatre is gorgeous.  However, in comparison, I would almost say that the National Theatre of Costa Rica is even more stunning.  The art and the architecture were simply breathtaking.  If we were there longer we definitely would have gone to see the opera.  

In addition to old theatres, I also have a thing for old churches.  While I am not religious, I find the architecture and art beautiful.  After the National Theatre, we went to see the Metropolitan Cathedral.  The stained glass windows, the altars and the ceilings offered more historical art in all its beauty.  One does not need to be religious to appreciate the beauty of an old church.  So, the next time you are traveling, be sure to check out old churches and appreciate them for the art and architecture they offer.  I promise, you won't be disappointed.

After the Cathedral, we had one last stop on our journey, the National Park.  To be honest this was just a regular run of the mill park.  The only thing that made it special was the statue signifying the struggle for independence.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful monument.  However, if monuments aren't your thing (don’t worry, they aren’t really mine either) you can skip this park.  

In honor of our last night in Costa Rica we had Ice Cream for dinner.  Sometimes, you just need Ice Cream for dinner.  We went to POPS which is a Costa Rican chain that can be found all over much of Central America.  I remember my first POPS experience was in El Salvador.  The ice cream isn't as sweet as American Ice Cream, which I really like.  I am not a huge fan of ice cream, only in moderation.  When we finished our ice cream we went back to the apartment to relax.  We weren’t quite ready to pack so we decided to leave the packing until morning and call it a night.

Costa Rica has been amazing.  I honestly wish we had more time here.  I am excited for the next part of this adventure, but there is still so much of Costa Rica to explore.  I get to make another trip.  

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