Focus on the Positive

Day 18: Costa Rica

We woke up today, sad to leave Costa Rica, but excited for the next country on our journey.  This time packing was a little different because we essentially needed to unpack and repack all of our stuff.  As I was getting ready to repack my belongings, I found a cockroach IN MY BED.  Yes, in my bed.  I almost threw up.  Thoughts of sleeping with cockroaches in my bed made my skin crawl.  Here we were in the nicest apartment we had stayed in up until this point on our journey and I was sleeping with cockroaches.  I mean you can’t make this shit up.  After disposing, aka flushing, the cockroach I finished packing up my stuff. 

On the way to the airport we returned the rental car and answered all of their questions regarding the accident.  Words of wisdom, when renting a car in Costa Rica, get full coverage.  Thank the Universe we did because we didn’t have to pay anything and were not liable for the damages.  Once all of the paperwork was completed, we took the shuttle to the airport. 

At the airport we had an O’Hare repeat.  Our bags were over and the lady behind the counter insisted we could remedy the situation.  However, this time we could not.  We will have to repack again before our next trip.  

Our first flight departed at 5pm.  We landed in Bogota around 8pm.  Although, we will be in Colombia at some point on the this journey, it is not our next stop.  We left Bogota at 10:30pm and I was not prepared to fly through the night.  I thought I would sleep on the plane like I normally do, but I was so uncomfortable.  The flight was warm and stuffy and somehow we ended up in one of the only rows were all the seats were taken and I was in the middle.  However, I made the best of it and reminded myself that I could take a nap as soon as we got to our apartment.  Sometimes in life we get to do things we may not want to or like.  However, if we shift our perspective and focus on the good that is to come it can turn that unpleasant experience into a tolerable experience.

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