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Be your Authentic you

Day 40:  Argentina If you know me, you know I am attracted to men with long hair, but they have to have a…

16 March 2017

There are No Accidents

Day 39:  Argentina The Mickie’s Miracles website is in Dev and this morning I got to review it.  A bunch of pictures are…

15 March 2017

Perfect Can Be the Enemy of Good

Day 38:  Argentina Jorge came at 11:30am to take us to the airport.  Check in was a breeze, but when we made it…

14 March 2017

Choose You

Day 37:  Argentina Today would have been my grandfather's birthday.  To be honest, I don’t think about him as often as I should. …

13 March 2017

I Am Satisfied

Day 36:  Argentina This morning we had an early wake up call.  We were headed to our next home for a couple of…

12 March 2017

Listen to Your Body

Day 35: Argentina Sometimes in life it is important to give in to your bodies request for rest.  This morning was one of…

11 March 2017

In the Right Place at the Right Time

Day 34:  Argentina I started my day with Ashram research.  When I’m in India, I plan on staying in an ashram for awhile. …

10 March 2017

What's Your Legacy

Day 33:  Argentina This morning was interesting.  The shower in our apartment is a 3 ft by 3 ft box.  Showering was interesting…

9 March 2017

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Food is something that brings the world together. Each culture has its own traditions and favorite foods. As a self proclaimed foodie, I was so excited to try cuisines in the countries they originated in. During my travels, I have discovered and will undoubtedly continue to discover culinary treasures around the globe. I am honored to share with you, My Elephant Tribe, the amazing meals I have enjoyed throughout the world.

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