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Cotton Candy Clouds

Day 112:  Netherlands We started our day by heading to the Van Gogh Museum.  I have never seen so many people in a museum…

27 May 2017

Invisibility can be a Super Power

Day 111:Netherlands We started our day by finding a market.  Things are a little more expensive in Amsterdam, so we are stocking our…

26 May 2017

Amsterdam Dreams

Day 110:  Poland & ? I get to see Brian today!!!!  I started my day by packing my stuff.  Today is a travel…

25 May 2017

Life is like a Tight Rope

Day 109: Poland For some reason I woke up this morning and my days were all screwed up. I haven’t really looked at…

24 May 2017

There is Beauty in...Salt

Day 108:  Poland This morning I headed back to Krakow Tours for my final tour of this trip to Wieliczka Salt Mine.  It came…

23 May 2017

Nothing but Love in My Heart

Day 107:  Poland I woke up this morning not knowing what to expect.  I had no expectations, but I knew it would be…

22 May 2017

Love Knows No Age

Day 106:  Poland Today, I adventured out to Zakopane via a tour through Krakow Tours that I booked yesterday.  There were only 3 of…

21 May 2017

Spontaneity is Freedom

Day 105:  Poland This morning I learned that there is a leak in the bathroom and I cannot shower because it smells like…

20 May 2017

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Food is something that brings the world together. Each culture has its own traditions and favorite foods. As a self proclaimed foodie, I was so excited to try cuisines in the countries they originated in. During my travels, I have discovered and will undoubtedly continue to discover culinary treasures around the globe. I am honored to share with you, My Elephant Tribe, the amazing meals I have enjoyed throughout the world.

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