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Day 102: Poland

I met Elizabeth and Alex around 11am.  We headed to the grocery store to buy some bread for Alex to feed the swans while Elizabeth and I talked.  Once the bread was gone, Alex decided she wanted ice cream, so we headed to the vendor on the water to get a cone.  Why has ice cream become my weakness?

We sat on a bench near the water that had a fountain kids could play in.  Alex played as we continued to chat and catch up.  The weather was beautiful and I could not ask for better company.  While we talked, Elizabeth gave me the presents and cards my family had sent with her.  As well as, the beautiful silver elephant necklace she gave.  She knows me too well.  Afterwards, we sent postcards. 

Alex wanted to send 4 postcards.  One to her grandmother (who was staying at Elizabeth’s at the time, but lived in the town we were in), my mom, her father and Arkadiusz.  She drew pictures and Elizabeth wrote down her messages to them.  My favorite was her postcard to Arkadiusz.  While they are #relationshipgoals, I worried about how he would be with Alex.  Not because he isn’t amazing, because he is, but because he is so young.  Arkadiusz is 23 and Alex is 4.  I wasn’t sure how she would accept him and I wasn’t sure if he was ready.  And I didn’t want any of them to get hurt.  However, this trip alleviated my concerns.  Alex loves Arkadiusz and vice versa.  It is clear to see in the way she lights up when his name is mentioned and how he always asks about her when he calls.  She drew him a heart on his postcard.  Watching Elizabeth help her caused my heart to melt.  It was so precious.   

When we were finished, Alex dropped the postcards in the mailbox and we headed to the castle across the street.  Winston Churchill had stayed in this castle on a trip to Poland.  Alex wasn’t impressed and through a temper tantrum.  The whole time we were there.  She really wanted to go to the park.  When she finally calmed down and asked to go to the park without complaining, we went to the park for a little while.  Afterwards, we went to a fresh juice shop and had some juice that was squeezed right in front of us.  Alex played with the toys in the shop while Elizabeth helped me book my bus back to Warsaw and my train to Krakow.

By the time we finished our juice we were all hungry.  Elizabeth took us to a local restaurant for some pierogis and a beer.  I typically don’t like beer, but this one wasn’t that bad.  We took some cute pictures and then walked Alex back to her aunt’s house so Elizabeth and I could hang out.

She took me to the fanciest restaurant on the water for dessert and drinks for my birthday.  I am a firm believer we get to celebrate our birthday for the whole week.  There were too many beverage choices so she ordered me an apple pie.  No, not the shot.  It was delicious.  We both ordered the merengue and immediately after it came, realized we could have split it.  We paid our check and learned not to say thank you to the server until you have your change.  We waited 20 minutes for our change and had to go and ask for it.  Tips aren’t required in Poland, 10% is encouraged.  This waitress thought we were giving her over 30% tip.  I don’t even tip that much in the US and I am a pretty generous tipper.

After we sorted out our plans for tomorrow, Elizabeth walked with me to my hotel to extend my reservation.  I realized I had made a mistake when booking and had made my reservation to check out tomorrow instead of the following day.

I relaxed in my room for a little while and then decided to go back grab some dinner.  I went back to the restaurant that we had our pierogis at.  Elizabeth had mentioned a dish that sounded amazing and I really wanted to try it before I left.

Today reminded me that I have the best friends in the world.  Elizabeth has seen me in some of my lowest moment and I have seen her in some of hers.  However, we are always there to support each other.  Since I moved away last year, we haven’t gotten to see each other a lot.  Even when I was living in Chicago, we both had such different schedules that the only time we would really get to catch up was Friday mornings as she was coming to clean my mom’s house and I was headed out the door to work.  It isn’t about being able to spend every day with a person.  Its more about knowing that someone is there when you need them or just want to hang out with them.  Are your best friends people you see everyday, or are they people that you don’t need to see you everyday to answer the phone even when you call at 3am?  Its the 3am friends that are worth keeping around.

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