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Day 103:  Poland

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Marco Polo is my favorite app while traveling.  It allows me to stay connected to those that are important to me.  This is not a sponsored post.  Although, I should probably look into that.

I met Elizabeth and Alex again this morning.  Like yesterday, we headed to the store to buy bread for the swans.  After feeding the swans we decided to go to the train station and catch a train to Olzstyn which is the next town over.  Alex was not happy.  She proceeded to have a 2 hour temper tantrum starting from when we walked to the train station, the entire time we were on the train and finally stopped when we arrived at our destination.

The people on the train were so nice and understanding.  As terrible as it sounds we all ignored Alex and her tantrum.  I am not a parent, but I think its best.  I feel as though if you acknowledge the temper tantrum you are saying its ok.  One of the people in our car was a priest.  He was telling Elizabeth that he was a teacher and had lots of connections in Warsaw.  He knew that Alex was 4 based on her behavior and reassured her that she was a good mom and that everything was going to be ok.

Once we arrived in Olzstyn our first stop was a visit with a friend of Elizabeth’s mother.  She spoke no English so, I let her and Elizabeth catch up while I played with ‘good’ Alex and helped her open her presents.  This was also Alex’s first time in Poland.  So she was meeting all of these new family members and friends for the first time.  Which meant she got a lot of presents.

Before leaving Olzstyn, we met Elizabeth’s cousin in old town.  We started by going to a restaurant in the square where I ordered potato pancakes.  They were so good.  I have a feeling this will not be the last time I eat potato pancakes.  After lunch, we walked around the square.  I loved the beautiful flower markets.  After showing us the square, her cousin needed to go back to her school to get her belongings before we got on the train back to Ostroda.  While we waited for her cousin Elizabeth and I talked about her and Arkadiusz and about my life and whether or not there was a person I may or may not be developing feelings for.    

Before our train departed we headed to the park to let Alex play for a little while.  We talked to Arkadiusz while Alex played with her cousin.  After our call, we boarded the train back to Ostroda and said our goodbyes.  I leave early tomorrow morning and will not see her before I catch my bus.  I will see her soon.  Hopefully next time I see Arkadiusz will be there too.

Before heading out for some dinner, I decided to call my mom because she said we don’t talk enough or that I am not posting enough pictures of myself.  The funny thing is, the first thing she asked me was if everything was ok.

After talking to my mom, I went to the same restaurant and had the same dinner as last night because it was so good. 

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