Everything Happens for a Reason

Day 104:  Poland

It was still dark outside when I got up to finish packing this morning.  I headed to check out and walk over to the bus station.  There was construction so part of the sidewalk was closed and I had to walk in the street most of the way there.  I slept most of the way to Warsaw.  When we arrived I got my bags and headed to a pick up area and ordered and Uber to take me to the train station.

I arrived at the train station and had to wait in line to get my tickets.  The original train I wanted to catch only had standing room and I was not about to stand on a train for our 2 and a half hours.  So, I got the last ticket for the next train about an hour later. 

I got some snacks for my trip and decided to get some food since I hadn’t eaten yet.  My choices where limited and given the option between Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s, I choose donuts every time.  I ate my donuts while waiting for my train.  I learned that Dunkin’ Donuts is quite different in Poland.  They were still good, but they tasted even more processed than the normal ones.

When the train finally arrived, I got in the car marked with the same number as my ticket.  I found my seat, dropped off my backpack and yoga mat and when to go find a place to stow my luggage on the rack at the end of the car.  When I got back to my seat my backpack and yoga mat were gone and strange man was sitting in my seat.  When I showed him my ticket and explained her was in my seat, he informed me that I was in the wrong car and I was actually supposed to be in first class.

I collected my luggage and began lugging it through 5 cars to finally find my seat.  I was actually in a compartment car in first class.  It reminded me of Harry Potter.  The ride was uneventful.  I did some writing, played on my phone and slept most of the journey. 

When I arrived in Krakow, I walked in circles for what felt like 20 minutes looking for a taxi.  Do you believe that everything in life happens for a reason?  Well, I do.  When I finally found a taxi, I learned that the driver had lived in Chicago for 2 years.  We talked about Chicago on the less than 10 minute drive to the apartment.  I probably could have walked, but didn’t want to carry my bags any longer. 

He dropped me off at the apartment and I thought I was for sure in the wrong place.  The building was dilapidated.  Given by the state of the entrance way, this building would have been condemned had it been in the US.  At first, glance the apartment wasn’t so bad.  It would work for the short time I had in Krakow.  After my host left, I settled in only to learn that the wi-fi wasn’t working.  So, I messaged the host and decided to go find some food.

I found a restaurant called Horoscope around the corner and ordered dome potato pancakes.  I knew I would have them again.  The waiter was incredibly kind.  He loves to travel and has been to Ohio.  We talked about my journey and he told me about the next trip he wants to take.  He wants to see the Northern Lights in Iceland.  He told me that he loves Americans because we are so kind and patient.  This was actually the first time I have ever heard anyone describe Americans as kind and patient.  I thanked him for his kindness, hospitality and conversation and tipped him well as I was leaving.

I decided to take a walk to old town.  I knew I wouldn’t be there long since I was getting tired, but I thought I would check it out, knowing I would be back another day to explore more.  I did spot some street pierogis that I could not turn down.  They were delicious.  I got to talk to the girl running the stand about Thailand.  She was saving money to go on a trip there.  It is amazing the people you can meet while traveling alone. 

Have you ever solo travelled?  What are some your stories?

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