Spontaneity is Freedom

Day 105:  Poland

This morning I learned that there is a leak in the bathroom and I cannot shower because it smells like rotten eggs.  I am going to be so glad to leave this apartment.  Once dressed, I left in search of a tour company so that I could book tours to Zakopane, Auschwitz and the Salt Mine.  I found one with reasonable prices and booked all three tours through Krakow tours. 

Then I headed back to the pierogi vendor for some lunch, only to find out that my new friend wasn’t working today.  So, I got to make a new one with her friend that wants to go to Thailand with her.  After my delicious pierogis and more Thailand discussions, I wandered around old town.  I stopped to listen to the group that was singing in the square.  I decided to be spontaneous today.  Wherever I ended up, was where I was supposed to be.

After, exhausting my exploration of old town and the square, I decided to head to Wawel Castle.  It was absolutely stunning and if you find yourself in Krakow it is a must see.  I did every possible tour I could and they each kept getting better and better.  I do have to say that even though the inside is quite impressive and beautiful, for me the outside was the most picturesque.  Standing in the courtyard area, there were beautiful flowers blooming in a grass field in the center, surrounded by massive architectural masterpieces.  I never wanted to leave, but alas there was more to see and not enough time to see it.

From Wawel Castle I walked over to the Jewish Square.  I didn’t have a specific destination in mind, but I just thought I’d wander and knew I would stumble upon something.  Unlike old town, these buildings were less taken care of and appeared more dilapidated on the outside.  I walked passed many synagogues and restaurants and even found some amazing street art.

By the time I have meandered through all of the streets of the Jewish square, I had worked up an appetite.  So, I decided to walk back to old town and try a restaurant that my new friend Natalia, whom I met at the elephant sanctuary, told me about called Miod Molina.  It was absolutely delicious and one of the best meals I have had so far.  To start I ordered a salad with greens, goat cheese and my favorite, pomegranate.  When it came to ordering the main course, I asked the waiter for suggestions.  My only request was no red meat.  The first thing he suggested was venison.  That’s a little gamey for me and is most definitely red meat.  The second thing he suggested was the braised beef short ribs.  While they sounded delicious, I needed to give my stomach a break from red meat.  So, he finally suggested the linguini with shrimp, which probably would not have been my first choice, though they were amazing.  They were light and the cheese was creamy and the sauce was silky (is that an acceptable word to describe a sauce?).  However, the winner of evening was the dessert.  It was this scrumptious apple fritter with a light creamy sauce. 

After dinner I decided to walk a different way back to my apartment.  I passed by a church and there was a woman singing arias on the street.  It was a beautiful concert and her voice was melodic.  I am in love with Poland and its variety. 

My biggest learning today is that spontaneity is the most freeing and wonderful experience in the world.  It opens up all new possibilities that were never there before.  Not having a plan made my day exciting and one that I will never forget.  When’s the last time you let spontaneity win and just go with the flow?  Try it some time, its freeing. 

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