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Day 111:Netherlands

We started our day by finding a market.  Things are a little more expensive in Amsterdam, so we are stocking our fridge and getting some snacks to eat breakfast. a few lunches and dinners at our apartment.  We walked from our apartment.  It was such a beautiful day.  When we arrived we saw the cart corrals labeled ‘winkelwagens’ and realized that the dutch word for cart was quite comical.

After lugging our groceries back to our apartment, we decided to find some tulips.  According to the internet, there was at least a few more days of tulips and at most about a week.  So we ordered an Uber.  According to our driver, the tulip place usually closes between May 28th and May 30th.  So we decided it was safe to continue our search for tulips.    

When we arrived, we learned that they had closed the day before and we would not be able to see tulips today.  We asked our driver if there was someplace else we could go nearby and he said he knew just the place.  When we arrived we were surprised to find that we were at the beach.  The water was cold, but the view was amazing.  It was a really cute beach town and we walked around looking in all of the little shops along the streets.

After a few hours of wandering, we decided to head back to the city and check out some of the amazing museums that Amsterdam has to offer.  However, we realized that it might take awhile to find an Uber.  After refreshing the app about 500 times (not an exaggeration) we finally found an Uber. We had them drop us off at the Van Gogh museum.  Unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to get in today, so we ordered our tickets for tomorrow and headed to the Contemporary Art Museum for the Banksy and Dali exhibits. 

As a lover of street art, I was excited to see so many Bansky works in one place.  It is so amazing to me that no one knows who Banksy is.  We do not know if Banksy is a man or a woman and I believe that the mystery only adds to the cultural obsession and intrigue that their work evokes.  I know I’m a fan.  Are you?

Once we made our way through the museum we decided to find a canal tour.  On our way we found what is supposed to be the #1 french fries in the Netherlands according to their sign as well as the internet.  So, we decided to try them.  While they were delicious, it was the samurai sauce that made them amazing.  We finished our fries on the way to the canal tour. 

While it was beautiful, I feel like there is a better way to do the canal tour.  A way that is more fun.  I decided then that if we had time, we would rent a boat, get some snacks and some wine and do it right.  We will see, I think that would be so much fun.

By the time we finished our tour it was dinner time and both Brian and I were hungry.  We decided to go check out the place with #1 burgers in the Netherlands.  We were not disappointed.  They were so yummy.  It has been a very long time since I have eaten a burger.  I think the last burger I ate was in Sao Paulo at Holy Burger.  I know I said then that I was good on burgers for awhile.  I think over 3 months constitutes as a while.  What’s one food that you really like, but can only eat it every once in awhile? Which makes it that much more delicious when you do.

To end our day, we took the tram for the first time.  It drops us off about a block from our apartment and is going to be the perfect way for us to get around over the next few days.  The unlimited pass is highly recommended. 

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