Missing My California Family

Day 67: USA & ?

We landed in Dallas around 6am this morning.  We were exhausted and could not wait to sleep.    Unfortunately, our next flight didn’t leave until 1pm and we wouldn't arrive at our final destination until the following day.  By the time we reach our apartment, we will have been traveling for over 36 hours.  That is absolutely insane to me.  I know that I will be beyond tired.  I just hope I can sleep on our 11 hour flight later this evening. 

During our 7 hour wait in Dallas we tried our best to sleep, but it proved near impossible.  We took turns resting so someone could watch our stuff, but I don't think either of us actually slept.  While Brian was ‘sleeping’, I was approached by airline personnel to complete a survey about travel habits.  As I sat there using my fingers to count the number of flights I have taken this year alone I was left feeling both amazed and blessed.  I love to travel.  I may not like the long haul flights and 36 hour travel days, but traveling is my passion and I am so grateful that I have had the ability to do so much of it in my lifetime.

We finally boarded our 3rd of 4 flights at 1pm.  This time we were headed to San Francisco.  I was sad that I would only be in Northern California for all of one hour, making it impossible to leave the airport and see my California family (Shout out to The Griesses, Deb & Brian, Mamakat, Aunt Geri & Uncle Bobby, Mary and Karen).  I miss them all and wish I could stop in to say hi, but that was not in the cards for this trip.  In fact, as we were going through security our names were called over the intercom.  So we quickly began negotiating with people to let us cut in front of them in line.  We were determined to make our flight.  We were not interested in extending our long day of travel.

When we arrived at our gate they were beginning the boarding process.  We were so thankful to be boarding our final flight and could not be more thrilled to be landing in Tokyo tomorrow.  We were really lucky because the flight was pretty empty.  So we were able to spread out and sleep most of the flight. 

After much consideration, I have decided to go to Thailand after Japan and could not be more excited. 

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