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Day 34:  Argentina

I started my day with Ashram research.  When I’m in India, I plan on staying in an ashram for awhile.  I’m not sure what that looks like, but as we get closer I get to research it more.  I feel like spending time disconnected, meditating and doing yoga will help me delve more into myself and my journey within.

In addition to researching ashrams, I researched how to use public transportation in Buenos Aires.  They have website called Como Llegó, you type in where you are coming from and your destination and it tells you the best way to get there, via train, subway or bus.  We found out that the best way for us to get to Casa Rosada from Palermo was the D line Subway.  It pretty much took us right to the location.  Unfortunately, we missed the Casa Rosada tour by a few days, but we were able to go to the museum for free.  At the museum there were old artifacts, paintings and remnants from the original Casa Rosada.  However, the coolest part was seeing the first mural done in Argentina.  The mural was 360 degrees.  We had to put booties on our feet because we were walking on the painting.  We also had to lay on the ground because it was painted to be viewed from the ground.  

After the museum we went to the National Cathedral.  It was beautiful.  The ceilings were vaulted and the stations of the cross were painted on the walls.  There were several different alters, but the main one was the most stunning.  There are very few cathedrals in the United Stated that are comparable.  The outside of the cathedral in nothing special except for the dome at the top.  It was different than most cathedrals, in that it had columns along the front of it, which gave the appearance that it was actually the back of the building.

After we left the cathedral we headed over to the Torre Monumento.  This is essentially a giant clock tower.  It would have been cool to go inside and climb to the top.  Alas, it was not meant to be.  It was cool, but not a place to hang out for more than 5 minutes.  So we headed over to Paz Palace.  We went in the wrong entrance and ended up in the Museum of Arms.  By far, this is the weirdest place we have ended up on this trip.  As someone who is anti guns, it was really not my style, but they had cool swords and a samurai room so I sent some Marco Polo videos to my main man, Preston who LOVES that sort of thing.  After walking through the entire museum, we left and found the correct entrance.  Only to find out that the next English tour was in a few days.  We may go back if we have time.

We then decided to walk to see the Floralis Generica.  We really wanted to see it lit up at night and we figured by the time we completed the 30 minute walk it would be dark and lit up.  We first went to the wrong park and practically got eaten alive by mosquitos.  Brian ran around the park yelling, “It’s Zika!!”  Which is not funny, but the act of him running around flapping his arms was hysterical.  When we finally found the right place, we took our pictures and left.  We didn’t stay long because the mosquitos were out in force.  However, the installation was amazing.  It is designed to be open in the morning and close at night.  It is reborn every morning.  There was a full moon that shone directly over the giant metal flower with a purple glow in the center.  It was spectacular. 

When we left we ordered and Uber to take us to Taco Box near our apartment.  However, we got this amazing Uber driver named Leo.  He has been to Chicago and lived in LA for 15 years.  He told us that we could not go to taco box because you don't eat tacos in Argentina.  So he took us to a restaurant called La Cabrera that I read about.  He turned off the Uber app and drove us around old Palermo.  Told us where to go and where not to go.  

We ended up at La Cabrera.  We had to wait awhile because we didn't make a reservation.  However, while we waited we talked to a group that was there for work.  They were from Chicago, more accurately Wheaton.  They were Sox fan which was a little disappointing, but we forgave them.  Once we were seated, we were not disappointed.  The food was delicious.  We got several free appetizers, but also ordered empanadas which were so yummy.  Brian ordered a steak and I ordered Filet Mignon.  We shared.  The cuts of meat were amazing and practically melted in you mouth.  We got free sides and an extra filet medallion.  They even brought us a lollipop tower for dessert.  Again, it was too much food so we packaged it up to deliver to the homeless.  

This has been one of my favorite things on this journey.  Sharing our blessings with those less fortunate.  They are incredibly grateful for the gesture and we are happy to share.  We walked around Old Palermo for a while hoping to find people to share our leftovers with, but we were unsuccessful.  Which is a good thing, it means that the homeless population isn't very high at least in that area.  What we did find was a bunch of Chicago people.  We first ran into a pair of cousins traveling together.  Then a group wearing Cubs shirts, like me.  What are the chances.  I am taking all of the coincidences as signs that we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

We gave up on searching for homeless people in Old Palermo and decided to get an Uber back to the neighborhood we were staying in.  Our Uber driver was weird.  He said Brian had to sit in the front because Uber was illegal in Buenos Aires.  Which is funny because that was about the 10th Uber we had taken with no mention of its legality issues, but it was fine and we made it to our destination.

We found a few homeless people, but Brian had to go out and search for the last one.  I was too tired and selfishly just wanted my bed.   

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