Listen to Your Body

Day 35: Argentina

Sometimes in life it is important to give in to your bodies request for rest.  This morning was one of those mornings.  We have been going so hard for the last 35 days that our bodies just need some extra sleep.  Besides, we can't experience the world if our bodies shut down on us.  It is important that we take time to rest and rejuvenate ourselves.  

This is a lesson I recently learned the hard way.  I have always been a power through the sick and tired type of person.  I never complain about being sick or get whiney and want others to take care of me.  I have (unknowingly) showed up to work with strep throat (sorry Mags!) because I had a major conference I was planning less than a week later.  However, a few months ago I was so sick I could barely make it through meetings and phone calls.  My brain was mush.  My body had had enough.  I knew that I had a sinus infection, my face felt like it was going to explode, but my doctor was halfway across the country in Chicago.  I got him to call a prescription in for me in California, but I still wanted to power through.  There was so much to get done in a week before a Thanksgiving trip to Kauai. For me, my biggest fear was being perceived as lazy.  If I took the time to rest and help my body, others would think I was lazy.  Well that’s just crazy talk!  However, I know that I am not alone in this thought process.  People who’s motto is “I’ll rest when I’m dead”.  Mainly because they want to be perceived as a hard working, go-getter.  Not lazy and, in my case (God-forbid), a millennial.  

The lesson I learned was that its ok to take a break.  You are no good to anybody, especially yourself, if you can't even function.  If you run yourself into the ground, you are literally going through the motions of the ‘daily grind’.  Listen to your body.  Rest when you need to.  If others judge you as lazy, that is on them, not you.  Others tend to see their own faults and flaws in you.  It goes back to the Four Agreements (if you haven't read it, put this down and go get it).  Don’t take anything personally, it is not about you, it is about them.  You are just fine.  So are they, but that is different lesson.

Once we got up an going, we decided to hit a bunch of random places.  The first being Jardin Japones.  This is a strange Japanese garden in the middle of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  It was beautiful, but a very odd place for a Japanese garden.  It gave of a taste of what we can expect in Japan in about a month.  It is an interesting tourist location.  If you have time and are looking for something to do when visiting Buenos Aires, you should check it out.

After Jardin Japones we headed over to the Botanical Gardens.  It was nothing special.  Parque Lage in Rio was much prettier.  This was really just a park with different types of trees.  There weren’t a lot of flowers.  It was mainly trees.  So, if you are a lover of trees.  This is the place for you.  I personally was expecting pretty flowers.  Needless to say we did not stay long.  

Afterwards, we headed across the street to the Ecological Park.  Or should I say the zoo masquerading as an Ecological Park.  We were told specifically that it was not a zoo.  Which was good because we do not support zoos.  Animals should not be locked up in exhibits for our pleasure.  It is not ok.  As we walked around we were excited because we saw free range animals including Argentinean rabbits, peacocks, other birds, monkeys, and flamingos.  However, it was too good to be true.  After walking around for awhile we found an elephant.  It was the saddest elephant I have ever seen.  It looked so depressed.  I literally had tears in my eyes.  This is my spirit animal and I am watching it suffer.  We had to get out of there.  This was a zoo and I refused to be a part of it any longer.  On the way out we found lion and bear exhibits.  DO NOT go to the Ecological Park in Buenos Aires.  It is a zoo, even if they say it is not.

We then decided to get an Uber and go on a tour of a palace.  However, when we got there we were told it was cash only.  So, we went across the street to the ATM.  Most things in Buenos Aires are cash only, so be prepared.  We have been having trouble with ATMs.  Several refuse to give us money because we have US based banks.  It is very annoying.  Since we couldn’t get cash we gave up on the palace tour and walked over to the Congress building.  It was beautiful and stately. 

To kill some time, we just decided to go for a walk.  We ended up finding a wine store and getting a couple of bottles.  We decided we were going to get wine drunk tonight.  After purchasing our wine, I found a store called Elepants and had to go in.  They were closing, but were kind enough to let me in.  I bought a cute t-shirt with an elephant on it and we left them to close.

Despite Leo telling us not to eat tacos in Agentina, we went to Taco Box tonight for dinner.  Again, cash only.  This time we were able to find a working ATM.  The tacos were actually pretty good.  I would say that Taco Taco was better, but these were good.  I prefer soft corn tortillas and these were crunchy, but the meat and filling inside the shell were good.  Definitely not disappointed by the tacos in Argentina.

After tacos, we went back to the apartment to get ‘wine drunk’.  I’m not really sure what that means, but I love wine.  We finished off a bottle and passed out. 

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