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Day 37:  Argentina

Today would have been my grandfather's birthday.  To be honest, I don’t think about him as often as I should.  However, this birthday is different because he and my Bubbie are the reason why I am able to be on this journey.  Now, I truly believe that anyone can do what Brian and I are doing.  The cost really isn't that great and you don't need to do it all at once.  We are doing 30 countries for $30,000.  That is $1,000 per country.  There are so many ways to save $1,000.  However, The inheritance we received from our grandparents allowed us to expedite our departure date.  So, today is for you Zadie!  I know you would have loved watching us every step of the way.

As promised, Jorge picked us up at 8:30am and drove us to the  Argentina side of Iguazu Falls.  He told us he would return at 3pm to take us back to our hotel.  I knew before the day was over, I wanted to take the boat tour, but we first decided to take the train up to the top and see the big waterfall.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but when we got up to the top I was so shocked my mouth dropped open.  It was the biggest, most intense and most beautiful waterfall I had even seen.  We were so impressed that we took, and paid for the professional photos that were offered.  The photos I was able to take did not do the waterfalls justice.

Once we finished admiring the falls we headed back down on the train to see about the boat tour.  The boat literally takes you into the falls.  I wanted to do it so bad.  But when we talked to the salesman he said that the next tour was at 2pm and would take approximately two hours.  That meant we wouldn’t get back to the main entrance to meet Jorge until 4pm.  So we passed on the tour and headed back up on train to see the smaller waterfalls.

When we got off I noticed another boat excursion stand and we decided to see if they had another tour.  Their tour was at the same time, but we decided that we probably wouldn’t be here again (at least not for a long time) so we should do it.  Unfortunately, we didn't have a number for Jorge, so we just hoped that he would wait for us.  

Since we had an hour before our tour, we decided to walk the trail to see the smaller waterfalls.  This time my pictures turned out really well.  This was an up close view of some amazing waterfalls.  We finished just in time to make our tour.  We boarded the truck and headed to the boat.  The person we bought the tickets from warned us we would get wet, but we didn't just get wet.  We got soaked.  The boat literally went under the waterfalls.  I wish I had had my GoPro because you couldn’t see anything.  It was impossible to keep your eyes open.  after going through the falls 3 or 4 times we headed back to the truck.  When we finally made it back to the train station it was almost 4:30pm and there was only one train running.  By the time the train came and we made it to the main entrance it was almost 5pm.  About 2 hours passed our agreed upon meeting time.  When we found Jorge we profusely apologized, but really I was only partly sorry.  I wanted to make the most of my only day at the falls.

Jorge wasn’t mad.  He totally understood and offered to take us to the river.  We actually didn’t understand why at first, but when we got there we immediately knew the significance.  At this point of the river, three countries meet, Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.  It was beautiful.  It was so cool to stand in one place and see 3 different countries.  I cannot say it is something I have ever experienced before.

Afterwards he took us to our hotel to change and gave us a recommendation for dinner.  Unfortunately, the place he recommended, Ninos, was actually awful.  It was almost as bad as Celebrity from our first night in Belize.

After dinner, we went in search of more wine.  We found a cute little wine shop and purchased a couple of bottles.  We noticed that in Argentina they chill their red wine.  After being offered chilled bottles, we explained that in the US we don't chill red wine.  We then learned that they chill it because of the heat and humidity.  Which made sense, but given that it was evening and not hot or humid we opted for non chilled bottles.  

Instead of walking back the way we came, we thought we knew better and turned down the wrong street.  We ended up walking in circles for about an hour before we finally found our hotel.  It was dark and we were the only people on the streets without street lights.  It was a little creepy.  By the time we got back we were exhausted and didn’t even get to enjoy our wine because we fell asleep.

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