There are No Accidents

Day 39:  Argentina

The Mickie’s Miracles website is in Dev and this morning I got to review it.  A bunch of pictures are in the wrong place, but it looks amazing.  I cannot wait for it to go live.  I am really proud of it.  Kristie and I worked so hard to make sure it was perfect.  We even found the perfect team in Sacramento, Uptown Studios, to do the job after meeting with several other teams.

It was difficult for me to find the time to review the site because of time differences and spotty internet connections, but I made it happen this morning. 

Afterwards we went to San Telmo. We started off in a private museum where some of the first water tunnels were discovered and preserved called El Zanjon.  We had a very energetic and enthusiastic tour guide named Enrique.  The tour was fascinating.  The history of the space is very interesting.  It was first built as a home for a wealthy family and then later turned into tenements.  I would definitely recommend this tour.

Afterwards, we walked up the street to the convent.  The church was pretty, but not as impressive as most of the others we has seen on this trip.  When we left the convent it started to pour.  Although I had my umbrella, this time the rain did not bring out my whimsy.  I was not dressed for the rain.  I had sandals and shorts on.  I was cold and really just wanted to get some food and go drink wine. 

We found out that the restaurant we wanted to go to wasn’t opened for a few hours, but right across the street there was a wine store called Vinotango.  So we went to see Juan Felix about getting some wine.  He spoke English and we were able to get some really great wine and some recommendations.  It turns out he loves Napa wines, so I told him my favorites.

Since it was still pouring we went back to the apartment to drink wine, because what’s better than drinking wine when it rains.  Sometime things don't go according to plan, so we must improvise.  Of course, sitting in our apartment drinking wine was not on my list of things to do today, but it was what we did and it was great.  Sometimes Plan B, works out just as well as Plan A.  Most of the time it works out better because everything happens for a reason and there are no accidents.

We finally got our dinner at La Brigada.  It came recommended by several people and it did not disappoint.  It may have been our best meal yet.  La Cabrera was a bigger bang for your buck in all the free stuff we got, but I think the meat may have been better at La Brigada.  Either way it was amazing and I highly recommend it.


After dinner we went back to the apartment.  I was so exhausted.  Today was perfect even with the rain.

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