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Day 40:  Argentina

If you know me, you know I am attracted to men with long hair, but they have to have a hair plan.  Long, greasy, unwashed, dreadlocked messes are not my thing.  Brock O’Hurn and his man bun video is more my speed.  Well, I have officially entered a land were the man bun is a thing.  There are so many attractive men with long hair and hair plans in Buenos Aires.  All of them much too young for me, but attractive nonetheless.  Not in a creepy, illegal, pedophile way.  I am sure they are all in their early twenties.  I am amazed at how many men rock the man bun and I am certainly not complaining.  

Other things I’ve noticed are:

  1. Window shopping:  People love to window shop.  They will look at the window displays for several minutes before deciding whether or not to venture into a store.  This is so interesting to me as I am the complete opposite.  I will walk into a store and have no problem walking out seconds later if there is nothing to my liking.  
  2. Platform shoes:  It is like taking a step back into the 90s, Spice Girls style.  I remember back in the day when Skechers first came on the scene with platform sneakers.  I was so excited that my mom let me get a pair.  I was the only one of my friends to have them.  However, like most things they went out of style just like the Spice Girls.  Well, in Buenos Aires they are back, or never left.  I’m not sure which.  Every girl and woman has platform sandals, sneakers, boots, you name it.  It is like a 90s time warp.  

The culture in Buenos Aires has many similarities to that of major US or European cities, but it also has its differences.  It is similar to New York in the sense that most people live in apartments or Paris because of it little cafes and bistros.  Traffic is terrible and there are people bustling around everywhere.  Each day, when we are out walking, I like to take a moment and just watch the people of the Buenos Aires.  

Between watching the people and eating delicious food, I love taking in the sites.  Buenos Aires is a beautiful city.  One of my favorites so far.  Today, we made it back to the Paz Palace.  Unfortunately, they cancelled the English tour and we got to go on the Spanish tour.  It was an opportunity to brush up on Spanish.  I understood about every fifth word and was able to piece together most of the information to figure out what the guide was telling us.  Although the palace is beautiful, with the exception of 2 rooms, they all look the same.  The tour was long and we were ready to leave as soon as it was over.  I would suggest going to see the outside of the palace, but it is unnecessary to see the inside of it, unless you are a history buff.  Then it may be interesting.

After our tour we decided to go back to our apartment and just chill for a little while.  Also, I needed to get ready to go to a Tango Show tonight.  When we returned we had some snacks and wine while I put on my makeup.  I went all out.  Winged-eye liner, sparkly eye shadow, a fun lip color.  Ever since discovering good, quality makeup, I love it.  Makeup is an unnecessary beauty enhancer.  Don't ever let anyone tell you that you need makeup in order to be beautiful.  You are beautiful just as you are.  Wear makeup for you and not for other people.  Today’s society tells us that makeup is what makes us beautiful. No!!! Makeup only enhances our already existing beauty. Own who you are, be your authentic you!

Feeling gorgeous, we headed out to dinner at what was supposed to be the best Pizza in Buenos Aires, Los Campeones.  I don't know if its the best pizza in Buenos Aires, I haven't tried enough to know.  What I can say, is that it was the best we’ve had so far.  I definitely recommend trying it out if you like pizza.  

After dinner, we walked to Señor Tango for the show.  Thanks to my amazing friend Stella in Las Vegas and her BFF Laura who works at Señor Tango, we were able to get an amazing table for the show.  We had a clear view of the stage and could see all of the excitement.  Unfortunately, pictures weren’t allowed so I don't have many (sometimes rules are meant to be broken).  It is hard to put into word the excitement and energy of the Tango Show.  I have never been to anything quite like it.  Brian said it was his favorite thing we’ve done in Buenos Aires.  I might have to agree.  Add Tango Show in Buenos Aires to your bucket list if it isn't already there.  It is a must.

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