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Day 41:  Argentina

Today is St. Patrick’s day which is not a thing in Argentina, but Lord knows I’ve had enough wine in Argentina to be considered a good Irish girl on St. Paddy’s day.  I didn’t pack anything green, but then again, I’m not sure I own anything green.  Back in the day I had this “Kiss me I’m Irish" shirt.  I loved that shirt.  I wore it every St. Patrick’s day until I eventual grew up and got rid of it.  I haven’t really celebrated St. Patrick’s day in a few years, but I definitely missed the Irish Soda Bread.  Last year Preston and I made like 8 or 10 loaves.  It was a huge hit.  Shout out to Rose Dillon (Becky, Mary or Karen please share this shout out with her) for having the best recipe. 

Since last night was a long night we were pretty slow moving this morning.  By the time we got out the door we had to go pick up our laundry.  It is really interesting having other people do your laundry.  Just dropping it off and picking it up a couple of days later.  I’ve been doing my own laundry since I was about 10 or 12 so it has been an adjustment dropping off my dirty laundry and paying someone else to do it for me.  However, the upside is that it allows us to use the time we would be doing laundry to continue to site see.  

Today, we decided to go to La Bombonera.  It is the stadium where La Boca Juniors play.  Soccer or Fùtbol is a big deal in Argentina.  So, after getting our laundry we called an Uber.  As soon as we got in the car I smelled it.  I texted Brian, who was sitting next to me if he smelled vomit too.  He did.  So for the next 40 minutes we endured a puke smelling Uber.  The best part was that when we got there, we realized we had gone to the wrong location.  We went 40 minutes in the wrong direction.  

When we figured out where we really wanted to be we called a second Uber.  This Uber smelled like our grandfather (Zadie).  It was so weird.  Brian turned to me and asked me if I smelled it and I did, instantly.  I’ll take Zadie scent of vomit any day.  We could have gotten really upset about the mistake.  It cost us two surge price Ubers.  However, it was out of our control.  We didn't know. we weren't in a hurry so we went with it and said, “It is what it is”.  I think the positive mindset played a role in the way the rest of the day went.  If we were upset or angry about the situation instead of laughing about it, the rest of the day would have been miserable.  You control your feelings, choose positivity.  Choose laughter.

When we finally made it to La Boca and La Bombonera it was just in time for the stadium tour.  I am not a soccer fan.  In fact, all I know is Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.  Beyond that, I don't know anything about soccer.  However, it was cool to see the stadium and locker room.  We didn’t get to go on the field, but it was still pretty interesting.

After our tour we went and walked El Caminito.  Its the artist district in La Boca.  If you like street art as much as I do, or even just a little, I highly recommend you going to see this.  We walked passed artists creating beautiful works of art on the sides of buildings and existing art and fun statues and balcony scenes.  There were also Tango dancers in the street and a street fair.  It wasn't a large area, but it was so much fun.

By the time we finished walking around the area it was almost 6pm and we decided to go get dinner.  However, we have learned that people in Buenos Aires don't eat until much later and restaurants don't open until about 8pm.  So instead, we went shopping to kill a couple of hours.  We found this really cute spiritual like shop.  I really like stores like that.  Stores with incense, candles, elephants and other items centered around spirituality.  I think I talked about this previously, but I am very spiritual.  In this store I found this really cute elephant bracelet.  I had to have it.  I haven't bought much for myself this trip, just my Elepants shirt.  And we know that sometimes you get to treat yo self.

After treating myself, it was finally time for dinner.  We were starving and ending up at an Italian restaurant called La Parolaccia.  I had gnocchi.  It was really yummy.  When the check came we were so confused.  There was a tax on the bill that we had not seen up until this point.  We asked if the tip was include because that is very common in South America.  However, it was not, we were charged a tax for using a tablecloth.  We have never laughed so hard. We thought it was a joke at first, but no.  We were charged a 10% tablecloth tax.  I have never heard of something so ridiculous.  Again, we chose to laugh because it is a story we get to tell and laugh about for years to come.

We finished the night off with gelato from Freddo and wine.  Freddo is like the Dairy Queen of Buenos Aires.  They are everywhere and they are good.  Especially with wine on St. Paddy’s day.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, don’t do anything I wouldn't do.

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