You Get to Change your Mind

Day 42:  Argentina

Today we went in search of the best empanada.  According to Google, Tripadvisor and several blogs the best empanadas are at El Sanjuanino.  I don't know that I have eaten enough empanadas to definitively say these were the best, but they were pretty damn good.

More things I’ve noticed:

  1. PDAs are common.  I find in the US that most couples don't go above and beyond to use PDA.  I have noticed that here couples want to express their love anywhere and everywhere.  I actually think it is really quite beautiful.
  2. Dads with kids.  I love how many dads I see with their kids and how they interact and play with them.  It is so cute.  That is definitely a quality I want in my future partner.  I want him to be a really active father.

Both of these were present on our walk through Barrancas de Belgrano.  The park was packed and they had Tango in the park.  There were little girls dancing with men that appeared to be the grandfathers which was so cute.  It was beautiful outside and we had a great day just walking around.  I walked over 20,000 steps today.  We walked to the outlet mall about a mile from the park.  It sucked.  We realized that Argentine fashion really isn't the greatest.  They are about 20 years beyond.  Nineties fashion is in full force.

I know in one of my Rio posts I talked about hating all the walking we were doing, but I actually do like walking.  Today was beautiful and I loved walking from place to place in Belgrano.  We are allowed to change our minds on things.  I feel like for a lot of people everything is black and white and God forbid you change your opinion.  You get to like something one day and hate it the next.  It doesn't make you a flip flopper.  It makes you human.  

Today, and most days, I like walking.  After the horrible mall we walked to an Artisan fair and into a really cute church.  Afterwards we decided to have dessert before dinner and went to get some gelato at Freddo’s.

After our ice cream, we walked over to Chinatown and had dinner at Restaurant Chinatown.  It was really good.  It was interesting ordering Chinese food in Spanish, but the food was good.  I love Asian food.  I can't wait for the Asia portion of this trip.  Sushi in Japan, Green Curry in Thailand, Curry in India.  For now I will settle for Chinese food in Buenos Aires.

We called it an early night tonight.  We travel to our next country tomorrow.

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