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Day 25:  Brazil

It was only a matter of time before I got sick on this journey.  I developed a cough, but I won't let it drag me down.  I headed to the drug store first thing and got some cough medicine.  It is so different getting medicine in the developing world.  It is kept behind a counter and I had to tell them what I needed.  It was an experience.  

I’ve always been a 'power through the sick' kind of person.  I typically have to be dying in order to rest.  Recently, I learned that this behavior doesn’t help anyone.  Especially, myself.  I am sicker longer and I can potentially get other people sick. So, I will make sure to take care of myself without missing out on anything.  If you are sick, please take some time for yourself.  No one will think any less of you for resting and recuperating.  Which is what I needed and what better place to relax than the beach.  Today, we went to Ipanema Beach.

On our way out we learned that Bonde Sucos was closed.  So we found this cute little pizza place called Vezpa Pizza around the corner.  This pizza was really good.  Much better than Mister Pizza. After our slices, we headed for the Subway.  We ended up getting off at the wrong stop and walking about 20 minutes to Ipanema.  

When we finally arrived we rented some chairs and an umbrella.  Once settled, I immediately got in the water.  It was cold at first, but it was perfect after about 10 seconds.  The waves kept coming, but weren't too rough.  They were enough for you to ride the waves, but not enough to surf in that particular area.  It reminded me of riding the waves with Mickie Love in Hawaii.  She loved them so much.  Mickie is the reason I moved to California.  Her mom and I have a vision to change the way the world views Epilepsy by creating Global Pediatric Epilepsy Awareness.  We are doing so in her honor through Mickie’s Miracles.  Mickie was born with a catastrophic form of Pediatric Epilepsy called Infantile Spasms.  After failing drug protocol after drug protocol the only option to preserve the quality of her life was through brain surgery.  So the day before her 1st birthday she had the Parietal, Occipital and Temporal lobes of the left hemisphere of her brain removed.  Her doctors said she would never walk or talk or essentially be normal.  She is now 5 and is not only talking, but takes voice lessons.  She is not only walking, but goes to dance class and she loves the water.  We couldn't get her out of it in Hawaii and as I was riding the waves at Ipanema, I was transplanted back to Hawaii with Mickie Love laughing and smiling and just being completely present because truly that is this little girls biggest gift, the ability to bring even the most distant self absorbed person back to center.  I love you Mickie Love!  I am so grateful for you.  You are truly a Warrior Princess.

Once I got out of the water I relaxed on the beach and soaked up some rays for a few hours.  When we had enough, we packed up and went in search of some food for dinner.  We found this fun Bohemian Restaurant just off the beach called Astor.  The food was really good and I would definitely recommend it.  The wait staff was nice and very understanding of our lack of Portuguese.  

I realized that language barriers are only barriers because we call them that.  There are so many different ways to communicate without words.  We were able to communicate our wishes to the waiters and they were able to deliver.  Communication is far superior to language.  Language is the words that come out of your mouth, were as communication is everything else.

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