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Day 27:  Brazil 

My cough is persistent.  However, I won’t let it keep me down.  Even though all I want to do is sleep.  Part of me wants to give in and sleep it off, but the better part of me doesn't want to miss out on anything during our short time here.  I compromised and let myself sleep in and we started our day around 1:30pm this afternoon.  We started by finding a place for lunch.  We ended up at a restaurant called The Joy.  We ordered the ultimate nachos.  They were pretty ultimate, but Brian and I both commented on how the nacho boat at Sports Bar is better.  

We realized that Sao Paulo isn't like Rio.  We can’t walk most places and we weren’t able to easily decipher the metro system.  So, we decided that our primary form of transportation would be Uber.  So we ordered an Uber from The Joy and headed to Parque Luz.  It was beautiful.  It is sculpture park and all of the artwork is so different.  The trees were amazing.  As I looked at them, I saw a metaphor for life.  They had broken limbs and branches, but they were still beautiful, alive and thriving.  We all are broken in our own ways, but the important part is that we don't give up on ourselves.  Our brokenness makes us beautiful, it makes us complete and it makes us thrive.  Without it, we would all be the same.  So I empower you to embrace your brokenness today and start living again.  Don't let your past mistakes or regrets dictate your future.  Embrace them and move on from them.

This leads me to my next learning of the day. Complacency!  After the park, we walked across the street and ended up at Luz train station.  It was a cool train station similar to the ones I imagine in Europe.  It wasn’t modernized like most of the ones you see in the US.  The trains coming in and out reminded me of a quote that I read once, “You may be on the right track, but if you sit still you will get run over.”  Meaning don’t give in the stagnancy and complacency.  Keep moving and keep searching, never settle.  For me, this makes me think of relationships and careers.  You may be in your perfect relationship.  You found your person.  Don't get stuck in a rut.  Try knew things.  Go on spontaneous dates, travel, reinvent new ways to fall in love with each other everyday.  If that doesn’t resinate with you, maybe you found your perfect career.  Don't allow yourself to get complacent in that job.  Always strive to do better, don't settle for mediocre.  Go for every promotion available.  You may be surprised.  For example, my amazing cousin Becky is a Telemetry Nurse (she is a nurse on a Cardiac unit).  She recently interveiwed for a full-time Charge Nurse position.  She was so nervous and almost didn't interview, in fact the previous time the position was open she passed on interviewing.  Well, she was offered a higher level position and is now the Assistant Director of her unit.  She is one step closer to her dream career.  If she continued to be complacent and abstain from interviewing again, she wouldn’t be where she is today and the people she trained will begin to pass her or run her over.  Never stay stagnant.  

After our brief passing through of the train station we headed to see some cathedrals.  Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures, but we visited the Cathedral of Sao Bento and the Cathedral of Sao Paulo.  The architecture and artwork inside was stunning.  you should definitely check these out when in Sao Paulo.  My photos of the outside don't do them justice.  All I could say looking up at them was, “Wow!’.  

At some point on our adventure we ended up at a 5 story, indoor/outdoor mall.  It was an interesting place.  It was the mecca for shoe stores, barber shops and tattoo parlors.  In some instances you could find all three of them together.  I am not sure what this strange place in the guise of a mall was called, but it was definitely interesting.  Trust me, if you don't make it here you are not missing out. 

By the time we finished our excursions, it was nearing dinner time.  We ended up at the amazing ramen restaurant called JoJo Ramen.  Again they had english speaking waiters which is a plus, but not a necessity.  The ramen was delicious.  Some of the best I've had.  We got to sit at the “bar” which was fun.  We got to watch the chefs prepare and cook all of the meals.  Working together to make everything come together just right.  If you like ramen, this is a must when visiting Sao Paulo.

Our last stop for the night was the drug store.  I needed more cough medicine.  The guy behind the counter gave me what I needed and told me how much to take.  Interesting enough the guy in Rio told me to take 4 times as much.  I’m not really sure what the proper dosage is, but I have realized that somewhere in the middle is the dose that actually works and alleviates my cough enough for me to sleep and get through the day.  So, if you ever need cough medicine in Brazil, either make sure you speak Portuguese or just take 2 little caps like me.  It seems to work and doesn't make me drowsy or feel Looney Tunes.  

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