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Day 52:  Colombia

This morning we woke up and went in search of a bakery because all of our Colombian friends told us Colombian pastries were amazing.  We were not successful, but we did find bunuelos and they did not disappoint.

Thank you to our cousin Bryan and his wife Paula and our friend Robinson for giving us so much advice about Colombia.  I am so grateful to have such amazing people in our lives that our willing to advise us along the way on this journey.  I have spent most of my life doing things on my own.  Determined to prove that I don't need anyone else.  That I am a strong, independent woman.  And while I am a strong and independent woman, I have realized that sometimes even the strongest and most independent women in the world need a support team.  I am blessed to have the one that I do.  I used to fear that if I asked for help I would be viewed as weak.  The truth is that knowing when to ask for help or advice is a sign of strength.  You don't have to go through this life on your own.  I am there to the support you and I am sure there are many others standing in line behind me to do the same. 

After our bunuelos we went to Candelaria Square.  It was full of pigeons and I nearly had a panic attack.  My fears that I started slightly overcoming in Belize came rushing back.  After we quickly took our pictures we went in search of a restaurant called El Puerto Falsa that was recommended by our host.  It did not disappoint.  We had the Colombian Tamales and Ajaico.  Ajaico is a traditional dish that is kind of like a stew with chicken and other ingredients.  It was delicious.

Afterwards we headed to El Museo de Oro, The Gold Museum, which came recommended by our host, Bryan and Paula, and Robinson.  It was pretty interesting and some of the artifacts were beautiful.  I didn't imagine myself at a gold museum in my lifetime, I'm not even a fan of gold, unless its white.

I feel like much of our journey has revolved around food, but we gotta eat.  I love trying new foods from other cultures and countries.  So, after El Museo de Oro it was time for dinner.  We found this cute little restaurant called Mini Mal.  Their food was different.  They take their own spin on traditional dishes.  It was really good.  While we waited for our Uber, we watched people work out at the outdoor gym across the street.  Our Uber kept missing the turn and essentially driving in circles repeatedly.  By the time he found us it was late and we were exhausted, so we went back to our apartment and went to bed. 

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