Tattoos are Art

Day 55:  Colombia 

When we were on Monserrate the other day we saw Guadalupe Hill, the mountain next to Monserrate,  Guadalupe Hill had a gigantic statue of the Virgin Mary.  It is like the Virgin Mary version of Christ the Redeemer.  It is pretty impressive.  The problem is that there is no service at the top.  So we had to pay our Uber driver to wait for us while we went to see the statue.

On the way down we asked him to take us to his favorite spot for lunch.  He took us to Crepes & Waffles which was also recommended by Bryan and Paula as well as our host.  It was pretty good.  Nothing special, but it did the trick. I was feeling much better and was able to actually eat.

Today is tattoo day, so after lunch we headed to Zona Rosa.  We were a little early for our appointments so we stopped by The Shake Yard for some milkshakes before getting tatted up. For me tattoos are an expression of the person who has them.  They are art, your body is the canvas.  I think they are incredibly sexy.  I always have.  All of mine have special meaning for me.  The first tattoo I got is on my foot.  I got it for my 21st birthday.  It is a Jerusalem Cross and  It represents the Kairos retreats I went on in high school, the amazing friends I made through that process and the experiences that I had.  I have an elephant (my spirit animal) on my hand to remind me to always be wild and free.  I got my espwa butterfly in Buenos Aires to represent my love for Haiti and the Wings of Hope family.  My watercolor map and the tattoo I got today represent my love of travel.  For now, I am done until I get inspired again.   

Tonight, I was craving TACOS!!!!  So, we found tacos for dinner.  They were not as good as the ones we had in Costa Rica at Taco Taco, but they did the trick.  I am really enjoying being able to eat again.


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