Dreams Do Come True

Day 56:  Colombia

April fools!

Yesterday, was 55 days on this journey.  Its hard to believe that we have been gone for 55 days.  We have already visited 6 countries and 15 cities.  It is absolute insanity.  I never in my wildest dreams would have thought it was possible to do what we’re doing.  Dreams do come true.

Today, we left Bogota and flew a shitty airline called Viva Colombia. Avoid flying them at all costs.  They are the Spirit Airlines of Colombia and have so many hidden fees!  They wouldn't let Brian carry on his duffle bag and made him pay $80 US to gate check it.  After we had already paid almost $200 US to check our bigger luggage.  It was absolutely ridiculous.  

While we waited for our flight, we had lunch at the only restaurant in the airport. Drum roll please…Crepes & Waffles.  Again, it was just mediocre, but it allowed us to eat before our flight to Medellin.  We were so excited for Medellin because it is Robinson’s home town and were excited to put all our suggestion and recommendations to use. 

When we got to our amazing apartment and I checked my Facebook, I learned that the lovely Paige Taylor tagged me in the nature picture challenge.  Normally, I hate tags like that, but I was excited to share pictures from my travel.  But, first we need to find dinner.  The only place open by us was actually pretty good.  We ordered Nachos and when they arrived we learned that they were deconstructed and more of a chips and dip thing.

When we returned to our apartment we couldn't figure out the sofa bed.  Come to find out there wasn’t one like the listing said there was.  Instead there was a trundle bed.  Sleeping in a trundle bed will be a new experience.

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