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Day 58: Colombia 

Breakfast is served!  This morning we had eggs and bunuelos for breakfast.  I really like bunuelos.  Where have they been all my life?

A few days ago a follower of mine on Instagram (@Sara.lovenotephotos).  She asked me to take some photos for her parents. I love, love.  It should be celebrated and I was more than willing to help her.  So, this morning I took a picture of our view for her.  

Today’s agenda included Pueblito Paisa, The Museum of Medellin and Pueblado.  Pueblito Paisa is a cute little replica of a traditional Colombian village.  It is cute, but it is overrun with cheap souvenir shops.  Its fun for pictures, but isn't a must see in my opinion.

While we were there we walked through The Museum of Medellin and learned about the history of the city.  Again, this isn’t a must see.  However, it was really interesting to learn about the city and some of the views outside the museum were great. 

Afterwards, we headed over to the Pueblado neighborhood.  Pueblado is known for there shopping and restaurants.  Brian spotted a Hooters and really wanted to go so we stopped for some wings.  After lunch we wondered around the cute shops.  There are hundreds of boutique stores in the Pueblado neighborhood.  They were really cute.  I love little boutique shops where you can get one of kind items.  Unfortunately, I didn't buy anything.  Nothing jumped out and said, “you have to have me”.    

After shopping, Brian decided he needed to go back to the apartment.  He hasn’t been feeling well the last few days.  I hope he feels better tomorrow.  When we got back I went to the drug store for him.  

I was sad because the Arepa guy wasn’t out tonight, so I setted for some Shwarma. 

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