The Power of Choice

Day 60:  Colombia 

This morning was our last one in Medellin.  So, we decided to grab some Bandeja Paisa before we packed and headed to the airport.

Packing has gotten easier and easier as we continue to travel. We have become experts. By the time we were packed the taxi had arrived to take us to the airport.  Our ride was pretty uneventful.  The drama came at the airport.

Never fly VivaColombia.  It is literally the shittiest airline I have even flown, and I have flown a lot.  When we arrived they made us pay $65 US for each of our bags which we had already paid for.  It was absolutely ridiculous, but what were we going to.  We needed to get on the plane.  

It got worse as we were boarding.  Again, they told Brian that he couldn't carry on the duffle bag he has been carrying on for the last 2 months.  They said that each person could only have one carry on and since he had a backpack he couldn’t have the duffle bag.  Seriously?! WTF?! So a nice woman in front of us said she would take his duffle bag as she did not have a carry on.  To which the airline then said the bag was too big and that he had to prove it fit in the measuring box by the gate.  So, he stuffed it in with less than a 1/4” sticking out the top.  They argued that it was too big and that we must pay another $85 US to gate check it.  VivaCololombia is the worse.  Even worse than Spirit.  I would rather fly Spirit again than VivaColombia, and I gave up on Spirit a long time ago.

Once on the airplane, our flight to Cartagena went pretty smooth.  As soon as we got our bags we got in a taxi to take us to The Walled City.  I could not wait.  It was hot an humid, but as soon as I saw our view of the ocean from our apartment I knew that we were going to have an amazing time in Cartagena.  However, when I saw the elephant sticker on the door my suspicions were confirmed.  Sometimes, the most annoying and awful things can happen, but we have the power to choose how we react to them.  The power of choice is a powerful thing.  

We originally decided on a seafood restaurant around the corner, but the wait was over an hour and we were starving, so we settled for pizza.  Afterwards, I decided to go get some ice cream, however Brian wasn’t feeling well so he decided to go back to the apartment.  When I got back, he wasn’t there.  Which I thought was weird because he wasn’t feeling well and wanted to go back instead of getting ice cream.  When I called him to see where he was at his phone went straight to voicemail, which told me his phone was dead and he probably got lost.  

This was going to be fun.  Finding Brian at night in Cartagena with no cell phone.  Luckil,y he was right out front.  He knew that he was on the right street, but couldn't remember which building it was so he just kept walking up and down the street.  

It was a long day, but I was reminded that life is comprised of choices.  We choose how to react in certain situations.  That is our true power.  When we feel that things happen to us, that is when we have truly given our power away and allow ourselves to be controlled by situations.

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