Don't Take Things Personally

Day 64: Colombia 

After not sleeping the night before, I needed to sleep in this morning.  So, we got a pretty late start.  We started by taking a walk to Getsemaní to check out some amazing street art.  From my previous entries you know that I love street art and this street are did not disappoint.  Art is such a natural expression of love and emotion.  Looking at each piece you can see the passion behind them.


I was a little sad when it came to the point were we had seen all of the art.  So we walked back to town to get some lunch.  As we were walking to lunch, there were some guys that looked at me said something in Spanish and then started laughing.  I am not sure exactly what they said, but it took everything I had not to take it personally.  I am pretty sure whatever they said was derogatory, but it doesn't matter.  Whatever they said is more about them, than it is about me.  The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is my favorite book.  It has taught me so much.  Two years ago, I would have been devastated by that interaction.  I would have pretended to be ok with it, by I would have really taken it to heart.  When others make fun of or hate on you, they are projecting their own insecurities on you.  Its not about you.  So, don't take anything personally.  

Without even a second thought we continued on our way and ended up having lunch at a seafood restaurant called Juan Del Mar.  We really meant to go to the pizza place next store, but we went in the wrong entrance.  It ended up be a happy mistake.

Today, is also Palm Sunday, so not much is open.  So, we decided to get our laptops and go to a cute little coffee shop called Abacos to start planning for Europe.  After hours of planning, the sun began to set and we decided to find some food.  We ended up finding some areas con queso which were really good.  We ate them in the square and watched the street dancers.  Afterwards, we went to get our obligatory ice cream because ‘ice cream e’ryday’!

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