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Day 44:  Peru

I’m not feeling much better, but I am gonna keep going.  We had sandwiches at a cute little counter called La Lucha.  I think it was good, but to be honest my throat was hurting so bad that I could barely eat the sandwich.  Afterwards, we went to the Pinkberry next door because Brian had never been.  In retrospect the cold was probably not the best thing for my throat, but it tasted yummy and I was actually able to eat it. 

We decided that we wanted to get Tattoos in Lima and found a really cool place.  After our FroYo we decided to head over to the shop to make appointments.  I think tattoos are an amazing way to document our journeys.  Now I’m not saying we will get tattoos in every country we visit, but it is a permanent and beautiful way to rememberer our trip.  After we made our appointments I realized that it was going to be a long day.  I felt awful, but Lima is a city I have wanted to visit since I was in the 4th grade and we studied it in one of my classes.  I was determined to fight through the sick and see as much of it as possible during our short trip.

We started our day at the Convent of Santo Domingo.  We met this wonderful tour guide on the street that spoke English and offered to show us around.  It was perfect.  She explained to us that in Peru a Convent is were the brothers live and Monasteries are were the sisters live.  In the US it is the opposite.  It was interesting for me because this Convent was a Dominican order and I attended a Dominican college.  There were pictures and references to St. Thomas Aquinas everywhere. 

Near the end of our tour we got to go up in the bell tower.  I have a feeling that stairs are going to be a thing on this trip.  In order to get to the top we had to climb 270 steps.  Only half of the steps in Costa Rica, but still a lot.  Especially, when I could barely breath.

After the tour of the convent went to the Cathedral of Lima.  It was beautiful.  I let Brian go into the catacombs alone because the stairs were too much for me.  On one side of the Cathedral there was a museum with old artifacts and paintings.  It was attached to the Archbishop’s house.    After going through the Archbishop’s house I knew I needed to find a doctor.  I was feeling worse and worse as the day progressed.  If I kept going I was really going to miss out.  

After doing some research I found an American Clinic only a couple of miles from our apartment.  They could only see me tomorrow, so I made an appointment.  Instead of going back to the apartment to rest, I decided to go to one last place, The Convent of San Francisco.  We went on the tour, but were not allowed to take pictures.  I really wanted to take pictures of the library because it reminded me of the library in Harry Potter, but alas I was not able to. 

By the time we left The Convent of San Francisco it was dinner time.  I had no appetite.  We stopped at a cute little restaurant.  They told us when we sat down that we could only have appetizers, as the kitchen didn’t open for dinner for another 40 minutes.  No big deal, Brian ordered Ceviche that he said was amazing.  After his appetizer he was told that the kitchen wasn’t opening for dinner tonight, so we went in search of something else.  We ended up at a sandwich shop the came highly recommended called El Chinito.  Again, Brian said it was good, but I couldn’t eat. 

After our sandwiches we headed back to the apartment, where I went straight to bed.  Today, I learned that fighting through the sick isn't beneficial.  I honestly don't remember much of today.  I missed out on seeing somethings because I couldn't breath and I missed out on good food because my throat hurt and I had no appetite.  Moral of the story is I get to figure out how to balance better. 

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