Change is a Process

Day 47:  Peru 

Packing was a challenge this morning.  I just wanted to keep sleeping.  As usual we were running late.  We left the apartment almost 30 minutes after we had planned.  Its interesting because I am normally on time or early for everything, but packing and leaving for the airport seems to take forever and we never make it out the door when we would like, no matter how much time we give ourselves.  

Once we got out the door we called for an Uber.  The driver was awful.  He took us to the wrong place.  Instead of going to the airport, he took us to the Avianca employee parking area.  And yes, we did put the correct destination in the request.  He thought he knew best.  At this point I started to think we might miss our flight, or at least be cutting it really close.  

When we finally arrive at the airport, Brian checked his phone only to realize that our flight was an hour later than we originally anticipated.  Needless to say we did not miss our flight.  Everything happens for a reason.  Our flight to Cusco was uneventful.  When we arrived we checked in to our AirBNB and our host had snacks and coca tea waiting for us.  

Once we settled in we gave our dad a call because its his birthday today.  Happy Birthday Dad!  I hope your day is amazing.

After our call we decided to take a nap.  I was exhausted and needed a few minutes before heading into town.  I tried to take a nap, but the apartment was freezing.  It was a cold I’ve never felt before.  And that is saying a lot, I’m from Chicago.  It gets really cold there in the winter.  After, I had enough of the cold we decided to go to dinner.

Our host was kind enough to drive us to town to go to dinner.  We decided to check out a restaurant that the owner of El Chinito told us about a few days ago, Cicciolina.  However, when we arrived the restaurant wasn't opened yet.  That seems to be the story of our lives in South America. 

So we decided to check out the town while we waited.  The altitude was no joke.  I was feeling a little light headed and short of breath.  The combination with my respiratory infection was intense.  I have tried so hard this journey not to get sick, but I am still learning how to take care of myself and do my best to prevent illness.  Changing habits that are almost 29 years old is difficult.  Change does not happen overnight.  It is a process.  Which I am reminded of every time I am feeling discouraged.  

As we walked over to the Cathedral, I needed to take a break on the steps.  While standing there I overheard a vlogger filming a video.  Three months ago he moved to Cusco and was documenting his journey.  I wanted to learn more, but didn't want to interrupt him and he left before I could talk to him.  It was cool to hear about his journey and what he was doing.  Even if only for a minute.

We finally made it in the Cathedral and it was beautiful.  We briefly walked around the Cathedral and took in it's beauty.  Afterwards, I needed to sit down.  So I found a bench across the square and Brian went to explore another building across the street. He called me when he was done and we headed to dinner.

I ordered the gnocchi, which is apparently very popular in Cusco.  However, as we waited I slowly lost my appetite.  On top of not feeling well the altitude was getting to me and I ordered some coca tea to combat my altitude sickness.   

When we returned back to the apartment our host was there to see if we needed anything.  They were so kind and scheduled a 4am taxi for us because tomorrow we are going to Machu Picchu. It is still early, but I am going to bed because I want to be well rested for tomorrow.

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