Celebrate the Small Wins

Day 48:  Peru

Today was an amazing day.  I could feel it from the moment I woke up.  We got up super early to get our taxi to the train station.  Our bus to Ollaytantumnbo was the first part of our journey to Machu Picchu.  From Ollaytaytumbo we took a train to Aguas Calientes and then finally a bus to Machu Picchu itself.

I have never seen anything like it.  Being there was almost surreal.  It was amazing to see what the Incans created so many years ago.  Although it was beautiful, I was struggling.  My lungs were working in overdrive due to the altitude and my recovering from a respiratory infection.  Which, unfortunately, meant I couldn't make it all the way to the top.  But, it was okay.  I learned that it isn't about making it to the top.  Its about trying and appreciating how far you’ve come.  Sitting (illegally) on the ledge and looking out over the entire site was breathtaking.  Someday I will be back and I will make it to the top.  

After we made our way down the mountain and back to Aquas Calientes, we decided to stop for dinner at the little bar/restaurant on the water.  Even though the water was dirty it was still cool to watch the rushing water as it rained during our meal.  After dinner, we headed back to the train, only to learn it was significantly delayed.  Once it arrived it took forever to get back to Ollaytantumbo.  When we finally arrived it was pouring and we were crammed into busses to head back to Cusco.  I got stuck next to a rude lady that kept elbowing me and pushing me over.  There was no where for me to go.  My arms were crossed and my knees were together.  I was so uncomfortable.  However, I couldn't change anything so I surrendered to the torture from my neighbor and closed my eyes to meditate.  I wasn’t going to let her ruin my amazing day.

By the time we got to Cusco I was ready for bed.  So we found a taxi and went straight to bed when we got back to our apartment.

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