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Day 49:  Peru

By the time we woke up and got out the door it was lunch time.  So we ventured to town and had pizza and this place that was highly recommended online.  It did not disappoint.  After lunch we ventured to the shop next store that specialized in Ayahuasca retreats.  While we were in Belize, Brian had mentioned Ayahuasca to me and I was down to try it because of the spiritual aspect and because this journey is all about stepping outside my comfort zone and trying new things.

We originally went into the shop to get more information.  By the time we left, we had schedule a 1-day retreat for tomorrow and had an appointment to come back later for the preliminary items.  I was mostly excited, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.

Since we were losing a day of exploration to go on this spiritual journey tomorrow, we decided to go to some local ruins that I, personally, did not find as impressive as Machu Picchu.  After that we headed to Christo Blanco, which is a mini Christ the Redeemer.  After seeing Christ the Redeemer, it made Christo Blanco seem a little less significant.  By the time we finished it was time to head back for our pre ritual ceremonies. 

We started with Volcano Water.  It was one of the worst things I have ever drank.  It is meant to cleanse and rid your body of all toxins.  If you are looking for a quick cleanse, volcano water is the way to go.  I will spare you the details, but I felt both cleansed and like I was going to die at the same time.

After we were deemed cleansed, we had a Coca leaf reading.  The Shaman told me that I was on a spiritual journey.  He also told me that I have a wall around my heart.  Which I was actually surprised to hear because I thought I had broken down that wall awhile ago.  He told me that love is coming and that he will be a good man.  I have never doubted this.  He will come in his own time and I will patiently wait for him.  I am in no rush.  He told me that I have a strong spiritual energy and that I am too giving.  He could not have been more spot on with that.  My giving nature is how I got here.  I had given so much that I didn't know how to give anymore and that was scary to me.  He also told me to stop eating red meat and that I have no connection with my family.  I call BS on the last one and can make no promises about the red meat.

Lastly, we did a cleansing ceremony.  I am so excited for tomorrow.  No more nervous energy.  We could only eat vegetarian for dinner.  Which I was fine with.  I thought the Quinoa we had was so yummy.  Brian on the other hand hated it.

After our Quinoa, we went straight to bed to be ready for our spiritual journey tomorrow.

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