Day 51:  Peru & ?

Today is our last day in Peru.  We began our day by going back to the Ayahuasca store and meeting with our guide Johanna for our final Shaman rituals.  The first being Gratitude to Mother Earth.  As I have mentioned before, I am all about acknowledging what you are grateful for.  However, I have always thanked the Universe for everything in my life.  According to Johanna and the Shaman it is also important to show Mother Earth your gratitude.  It looks like I have a new practice to adopt.

After we showed Mother Earth our gratitude we received a flower shower.  I’m not quite sure the purpose, but it was fun nonetheless.  As soon as we finished our rituals we had to head back to our apartment so that our amazing hosts could give us a ride to the airport.

Sitting in the airport, I was still trying to process my Ayahuasca experience.  My mom called me and was asking me tons of questions.  How come Brian could talk about his experience, but I hadn’t talked about mine?  What was it like? What did I experience?  I had no answers.  

You’ve already read about my experience, but I actually wrote that several months after my experience.  Processing what I experienced was a journey within itself. No pun intended (ok, maybe it was).  At the time, my biggest learning was I don’t want do it again, but everyone should try it.  I know, really deep.  It was too much for me to process in such a short period of time so I decided to focus on the present.

We were headed to Bogota.  I told you that we would be back in Colombia at some point on this journey.  Well, here we were.  When we arrived at our AirBNB there was some confusion and we were almost denied entry.  Our host had automated the entry to the apartment, but forgot to tell security we were coming, so they didn't want to let us in the building.  

I was pretty calm on the outside, but internally I was freaking out.  I couldn't get a hold of our host and we were going to be homeless in Bogota.  I finally was able to explain (in my broken Spanish) who we were, and why we were there and they let us in.  By the time we got up to our room it was late and we were hungry.  Unfortunately, most restaurants were closed. 

We were able to find an OK ramen place about a 20 minute Uber ride away from our apartment.  Afterwards, I headed to the pharmacy across the street because surprise, surprise, my cough was back.  Yay!  Will I ever be 100% well again?  Will I ever be able to figure out the whole self care thing?  What exactly is Self Care?  Does it really exist?  What's the fun in it?  So many questions.

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